IMS, 2nd day impressions

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First off, the wifi in the conference room actually worked with the iphone, the macbook and the sony viao – which was pleasant. We managed to do loads more than yesterday because of the consistent wifi.

There has been mixed feelings about the panels – the one i think most people have talked about so far was Ben Turner’s interview with Callum Negus-Fancey yesterday about the teen market and how it fits in with the dance industry.

Hope we’re not talking out of turn but overheard was a conversation with Callum and a “print and press” person afterwards – Callum said “youre f**ked” – we’re not sure how an industry veteran likes being told the facts of life by an 18 year old dance promoter…. but it was fun

The most obvious FAIL of the day had to be the consells presentation to the IMS – we and 90% of the audience aren’t entirely sure what they said for 2 hours as the whole thing seemed to be in catalan – suffice to say that the only people left in the conference room after about 20 minutes were the people the consell had invited down especially – everyone else had left – oh and the little matter of 80,000 euros spent on a pixar, animated type 10 minute video in spanish that actually said nothing and “we hope to have an english language translation on the website in 2 weeks…”

I heard someone argue that since were in spain it should all be in spanish – thats like having a worldwide attending conference in wales and making every speak in welsh… FAIL

They all had pre-prepared their speeches – instead of spending 80 grand on a video that says nothing and then talking in catalan – how about spending say 500 euros and having your speeches translated into english and german and then photo-copied to all delegates when they went in the room ?

Talking to a spanish press guy outside he said – “its in catalan – not even the mainstream spanish press are going to understand”

Giving up on the Consell’s thing around 7.30pm we went to Atzaro for another island tourism promoting thing. This was actually rather fun. Not entirely sure what it achieved – its probably best left said by Octavia and the others – but we agree with whatever they say – but thanks, we had a great time with supermodels, musicians, the kurru kurru models, island businessmen, paco fernandez, a great flamenco dancing duo, good music and a free bar – can’t complain….

ps. the poolside bar at the gran hotel was charging 7 euros for a canya (half a beer) – 30 feet away the other bar was charging 5 euros – but you could take your 5 euro beer and go and sit by the pool – how does that work ???

We still have the final day of IMS tomorrow, we have to go see a film about Ibiza at the Film festival tomorrow around 3pm, then probably back to IMS and then the Basement Jaxx gig in Dalt Vila. Panorama at Sa Punta opens Saturday.

At some point next week we’ll try and do a synopsis of VITAL - Video, Images, Text, Audio and Links that we’ve done.

pps Halfway through the day there was a “vote” thing. There were 250 handsets where you could press 1 or 2 to signify yes or no – Pete Tong introduced the 20 questions about the of future dance music and also some more industry specific questions. Sorry Ben but I have to say this….. We were just ready to twitter and blog the questions and results as the audience made the decisions but when we went up to take a quick iphone photo and 30 sec video we were told that we and beatport cant say anything about the results – we’d get a press release on monday morning – i look around and theres at least 20 people on laptops on the net… I shouldve created a fake twitter account there and then and just did it ;)

IMS will send out the results on monday morning – I’m not sure how much I can say about the results : they are either 1 of these 3:
1. predictable
2. not predictable
3. bit of both but dont say much

There was one question which seemed to us an obvious plant by we guess radio1 or pete tong (though we like to believe it wasn’t his instigation) as well as some other questions which it was obvious what people would vote- find out on monday which one that was…. top 100…

There was one question that had to be recounted – it was the closest by a mile – and it was quite an interesting question (for reasons before i cant say what it was…) Pete Tong made a great comment after everyone had revoted, that the reason the vote had shifted to “yes” was that Lenny had now voted as he was asleep in the original vote…

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