Rise & Fall of Cala Vadella, Ibiza

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Cala Vedella on the west coast of Ibiza is stuck in a crisis that is dragging it inexorably downwards. People who believed that things couldn’t get any worse have long since learnt how wrong they were. Hotel occupancy rates, restaurant turnover and retail sales are all in freefall. When business people here in Cala Vedella hear of the ten percent losses that many of Ibiza‘s hoteliers and retailers were reporting last autumn, all they can do is smile enviously.

cala vadella, ibizaBut few people have much to laugh about here when they look at Cala Vedella‘s steep decline. Moises Machado, a sturdily built restauranteur with arms like tree trunks, can’t even remember the last time he laughed. He has known the bay area for almost twenty years and lives just fives minutes’ drive away. “Cala Vedella used to be a glamorous place,” he reminisces as he recalls the golden years of the island’s west coast region. For a split second a nostalgic smile transforms his otherwise serious features. “That was back in the 80s and 90s.” Now that the place has lost its shine the results of decades of economic mismanagement are coming to light: rotting signposts that are starting to sink into the sand, tap water that tastes of salt, a warped bus shelter by the side of the road, the ruins of perilously dilapidated construction projects… the list literally never seems to end.

“There has never been any real investment in local infrastructure,” complains Moises, making a sweeping gesture to depict an imaginary semi-circle. “There are shortcomings all over the place. Quite honestly I wouldn’t know where to start.” He feels betrayed by the politicians that head the town council in Sant Josep, whatever their affiliation. While the conservative People’s Party was in power, all he ever received was empty promises that were never fulfilled. Two years ago, when the party was forced to hand over power to the Social Democrats after three decades in power, he hoped for a change for the better. “But up to this day very little has actually improved.”

You can read the full article about Cala Vadella here

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3 Responses to “Rise & Fall of Cala Vadella, Ibiza”

  1. Jerry Bradshaw Says:

    Thanks for the article on Cala Vedella and the shocking way this beutiful part of the island is being mismanaged and destroyed.

    The article was informative but seemed to dwell too much on the Club Robinson issues without any real digging into the activities or intentions of the developers, whose abandoned skeletal buildings are much more of an eyesore than Club Robinson, at least in the village area. You did not seem to have approached them for comment at all. Why not?

    Does the guy who lays claim to all the Club Robinson properties pay his council taxes for them all?

    How about the owners of the Buddah Bar, which certainly does contravene safety standards and needs removing before kids get in there and get hurt. That really would kill a beach resort which is ideal for families (if it hasn’t already). Are council taxes being paid on it? if not the Ajuntament should seize it and demolish it. If they are then the owner should be forced to fix it or remove it.

    Who owns the large derelict plot behind the corrugated fencing at the top of the hill on the south side of the beach? I hear rumours of a prestigious family owning it. If this is how they treat their neighbours how about dishing dirt in the wider press where their image will suffer. In the UK the land registry hold details of ownership and will reveal the information to interested parties. What is the procedure in Spain?

    How about the hideous half finished block further up behind Club Aquarius, which is far too tall and I believe built illegally? Where was the expose on that?

    I don’t buy Snr Prats’ stance that the authorities are powerless to intervene on private property unless someone calls them in. By definition, they are the lawmakers and as such they could make statutory provision for such intervention. Surely the law limiting the size of retail premises, discussed elsewhere in your issue, is a perfect example of the use of authority to protect the island’s interests and assets. Do they no longer view tourism, and Cala Vedella, as assets worthy of protection?

    Those of us who care for this once lovely place are getting very angry. I know you were gagged in parts of this report but is there no further you can dig into this mess? Is that as far as you intend to go with this investigation?

    Thanks for what you did anyway. Here’s hoping it starts a tide of change for the better.

    NB on the Trip Advisor web site which is well respected and globally influential to people seeking advice on travel, the picture that they use to represent the whole island is the classic one of the bay of Cala Vadella!!!

  2. Amy's African Adventure Says:

    Wow what a story, very sad that that side of island has been neglected there is nothing worse than that, I know that lots of people travel to Ibiza for their holidays sure the amount of money coming it would be beneficial to the up keep and maintenance of the island so that this does not happen, I know that we are going through a recession right now, but how much would it cost for the up keep??

  3. Danuta Moorefield Says:

    By far the most concise and up to date information I found on this topic. Sure glad that I navigated to your page by accident. I’ll be subscribing to your feed so that I can get the latest updates. Appreciate all the information here