Libro Azul bookshop in Ibiza

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Libro Azul book shop in Ibiza

It may seem hard to believe as you read this on your monitor but some people still acquire information by reading books

Here on Ibiza this is quite understandable, as the bright sunlight often makes it difficult to see the computer screen without hurting your eyes. This is all well and good, but the majority of bookshops on Ibiza stock mainly Spanish books. This again is understandable, as the owner of a bookshop will generally test-drive his stock before putting it on the shelves.
So, how and where does one acquire that book to make those hours on the beach with your soul mate more tolerable, while at the same time not having to risk exceeding your baggage limit on the outward flight?

The answer nowadays comes in the form of the Libro Azul bookshop in Santa Gertrudis. This is the island’s only truly international bookshop, with advice and assistance given in your chosen language – English, German or Spanish.
Although they stock an extensive range of books in various languages, they will also order any other book that you might desire and receive it within a few days. For those with an element of foresight, this means you can actually put together your holiday reading wish list before you set off and collect your books from the shop upon arrival!

You can buy a selection of ibiza books from our online shop.

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