Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2009 & Ibiza Rocks Bar M diner news

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We went over to San Antonio and Ibiza Rocks Hotel for a meeting with head Ibiza Rocks honcho Andy McKay. Afterwards he gave us a tour of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel with 2009 changes.

The “2nd pool” in the main area of the hotel has gone and the stage moved forward about 2 metres. The pagoda has also gone – this makes the area much more gig friendly. They have also changed the front Ibiza Rocks Hotel sign. There is a good fire exit that now leads outside from underneath the main gig/pool area and more safety measures have been added.

Later we went down to Bar M where they have launched their Ibiza Rocks diner – it looks good and the food is very reasonably priced – as is the beer – 2 euros for a bottle of san miguel is good value.

here’s some photos we took today:
ibiza rocks hotel
ibiza rocks hotel
ibiza rocks hotel
ibiza rocks hotel
ibiza rocks bar m diner
ibiza rocks bar m diner
ibiza rocks bar m dineribiza rocks bar m diner

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