British Ambassador unveils plaque to homage British and Commonwealth fallen in the Spanish Civil War

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Given that Ibiza has just rescinded Franco’s “medal of honour” we thought this press release we just got from the british embassy was – shall we say – apt:

Today, the British Ambassador, Denise Holt CMG, took part in a commemorative event in Madrid to honour both Spanish volunteers who fought with the Allies during World War II and British, Irish, US and Commonwealth members of the International Brigades killed during the Spanish Civil War.

The event, was organised by the Descendants of Spanish Exiles Association (Asociacion de Descendientes del Exilio Espanol) and took place in Madrid’s Fuencarral Cemetery where many members of the International Brigades were buried during the battle for Madrid between National and Republican forces. The ceremony began at 1200hrs and lasted one hour.

Representatives of the Spanish Prime Minister’s Office, the Spanish Ministry of the Defence and the Diplomatic community were also in attendance.

HM Ambassador and Mr James Jump, descendent of a British member International Brigades, unveiled a granite plaque to honour the memory of the British, Irish and Commonwealth volunteers killed. The plaque was funded by the International Brigades Association and the Descendants of Spanish Exiles Association.

The Ambassador said:

“Liberty in Europe is something we almost take for granted nowadays but it is so important to remember the many that fought and die, on both the winning and the losing sides, so that we can enjoy the freedom and liberty we have. Today I am here to pay special homage to those from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth who fought in Spain…..”

Some 2,300 British volunteers fought with the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) of which an estimated 500 were killed.

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