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ibiza townIbiza Town

Es Viver getting indoor pool

The indoor pool currently under construction in Es Viver will be finished in December. Mayor Lurdes Costa (PSOE) recently said that she expects to be able to dedicate the new public sports facility at the beginning of next year. According to the construction plans the eastern neighbourhood will be getting an indoor pool 25-metres long, a children’s pool, fitness centre and four paddle courts (a ball game similar to tennis). At the moment residents of Ibiza Town can only use the ageing Can Misses indoor pool and the Es Raspallet indoor pool administered by the Island Council. Ibiza Town’s authorities plan to completely renovate and expand the Can Misses location. The city’s plan is that during the construction phase the citizens will be able to use the new pool in Es Viver.

Closing time remains at 3 am

The Association of Residents and Businesses in Ibiza Town’s La Marina harbour neighbourhood has requested the city authorities move back the closing time for establishments introduced last year from 3 am to 4 am. In the letter they wrote, “Ibiza Town is the capital of nighttime amusement.” On the one hand, the current closing time means that night owls have to leave the party quarter at 3 am. They argued on the other hand that the earlier closing time means less revenue for businesses in the area. Ibiza Town’s City Councillor for Tourism and Trade, Vicent Ferrer (PSOE), refused to make the change, saying, “This deadline has proven itself.”

ibiza townSan Jose

Residents against protected area in Cala d’Hort

A meeting in April between representatives of the municipal authorities and property owners in Cala d’Hort to discuss changing the area into a natural protected zone again ended without any noteworthy results. Property owners were especially worried about losing the control over their land. Subsequent to the meeting the spokesperson for the property owners, Maria Tur, argued, “In a protected area the regulatory requirements for expansion or renovation of a house are almost impossible to meet.” The group could also not comprehend as to why the authorities are not offering any payment of compensatory damages as a quid pro quo.

Lots of money for a tidy township

Municipal authorities will be paying 3.6 million euros for rubbish collection and clean-up work this year. Plenum members reached consensus on the amount in April. According to the local Councillor for Building and Services, Pere Ribas (PSOE), they are planning on making fundamental improvements to the services. These include the installation of an additional 55 rubbish containers – 23 green ones for normal household rubbish and 32 colourful ones for recyclables. They are also planning on hiring more personnel for selective clean-up actions. The township additionally plans to start an information campaign to sensitise households about the value and advantages of recycling.

ibiza townSanta Eulalia

Local residents against bicycle path

Property owners along the country road to Sant Miquel have organised against the Island Council’s plans to include a separate bicycle path when they expand the road. Island Councillor Albert Prats (ExC) presented the plans to the public just a few weeks ago. Residents directly along the path of the road fear that more land will be expropriated because the bicycle path will be separated from the main road by a ditch. At the beginning of April Mr. Prats met with the residents for several hours to discuss the issue. He categorically rejected their suggestion to simply highlight the bicycle path with colour and keep it as part of the main road due to safety concerns. They have planned further meetings in the coming weeks.

Municipality to improve s’Argamassa

Thanks to the national economic stimulus for municipalities residents of Santa Eulalia oldest urbanisation s’Argamassa will be able to enjoy a bit of improvements in their settlement. The acting mayor of Santa Eulalia, Mariano Juan (PP), announced that 403,000 euros from the state funds will be used to renovate sidewalks, repave streets and invest in new street lighting. “The settlement has yet to be transferred to the municipality,” Mr. Juan said, “however given that no one feels responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the streets and sidewalks our municipality has no choice but to do something about it.” Construction is planned to begin shortly.

ibiza townSan Antonio

Eau de toilette against dogs

The municipal authorities have started an unusual campaign to come to grips with the problem of urinating dogs. To prevent our four-legged friends from emptying their bladders on the palms along the harbour boulevard Passeig de ses Fonts, workers sprayed the trunks with a liquid solution mainly containing mustard and lemon extracts. Councillor for the Environment, Juan Linde, explained that the scent would prevent canines from peeing on the trees. The experiment is planned to run two months. Linde said, “It was important to us that we use an environmentally harmless product.” According to Mr. Linde, costs for the anti-urination programme will run about 8,000 euros.

Sports centre to be used as energy source

Mayor Jose Sala announced the municipality had received subsidies worth 546,000 euros from the EU Fund for Regional Development for the installation of photovoltaic equipment on the roof of the Can Coix Sports Centre. After completion by the end of the year the installation will produce up to 180 kilowatts of electricity. Mr. Sala said, “This will more than cover the electricity needs of the sports centre.” Any additional energy produced will be sold by the municipality to Gesa-Endesa at an attractive price. The mayor further stated, “Over the next two years the municipality will be spending a total of 1.34 million euros to realise the project.”

ibiza townSan Juan

Community centre to open in summer

Mayor Antoni Mari expects that the future community centre located in the heart of San Llorenzo will be finished in time for the Patron Saint’s festivities in August. At an inspection of the site in mid-April Mr. Mari said, “The construction is proceeding according to plan and we should be able to dedicate it the first half of August.” The community centre will hold a welfare centre, a leisure time centre for older residents and a post office. Mr. Mari also stated the building will cost 620,000 euros, whereby the Island Council is contributing 343,000 euros.

Township’s Internet presence overhauled

The township has fundamentally overhauled their Internet site. Under the new address – – that went online in April the service has been greatly improved compared to the previous version. Mayor Antoni Mari was particularly proud to point out the function of an interactive visit to the municipality by mouse-click. It includes a Google Earth-like map of the township with outstanding points of interest and descriptions. The site is currently only available in Spanish and Catalan, although Mr. Mari did say they plan translations into English and German in the near future.

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