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Mucho Caliente - Ibiza BooksThis debut novel by Francesca Prescott is a romantic comedy based around a 37 year old divorcee bumping into a younger Latino superstar on a flight to Ibiza.

Mucho Caliente is written in a chatty, effervescent style, the story follows the rollercoaster romance that flourishes between the unlikely couple as we follow their escapades around Ibiza and its familiar beauty spots. This is obviously the perfect book for those of the fairer sex flying out to Ibiza for a holiday, and maybe some romance…

For a male reader the book poses more of a challenge. It’s certainly enlightening in the difficult task of unravelling the complex workings of the female mind, but might leave one observing his female colleagues in a slightly different light…

Mucho Caliente was voted LASR Best book of the Year 2008

You can buy Mucho Caliente for 18 euros from our online shop

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One Response to “Mucho Caliente – Ibiza Books”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hi there,

    In 2006 I wrote my Master’s thesis about Ibiza. Here is a link to what Ministry of Sound had to say about it;

    I’m currently finishing up the process of rewriting it; it is now more of a travel guide/memoir. I list what to do, where to go, where to eat, where to sleep. I have kept the parts of the thesis that describes what it was like working there. I still laugh out loud when reading through it all!

    I would like for the work to be available only on the island to start with. I don’t know if that is physically possible but I will try my best, as that makes perfect sense to me; it shall be born where it has it’s roots so to speak… ;-)

    And now, I would like to ask you to please add the book to your blog! If you are interested, I could send you a jpeg of the cover, and the book itself as a pdf file, so you could review the work and let me know what you think about it!

    Please keep me posted! I’m eagerly awaiting your response!

    Yours truly,