Atlantis, Ibiza

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atlantis, ibiza
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Have you heard of Atlantis on Ibiza? It is a magical place opposite es Vedra, the powerful stony island off Ibiza‘s west coast. Centuries ago this place was used as a quarry and the cut stones were used to build homes, defensive towers and the walls of the fortified city of Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town. Our photographer Rüdiger Eichhorn visited Atlantis - and discovered a fascinating place.

“May everyone be happy in life,” is a wish written by a Japanese hippy more than 30 years ago beneath the image of an Asian deity. The legend says that he lived in a small cave near the shrine for a while and occasionally played his violin. The music was carried along the slippery rock of the steep cliffs all the way down to Atlantis on Ibiza and on up to the Torre de Savinar, the powerful stone defensive tower, before fading away across Cala d’Hort. All who heard it spoke of the enchantment and magic the music brought to this special place.

Everyone today who makes their way to Atlantis, the defensive tower or the platform below the Torre can confirm that the enchantment and magic of this location remains unbroken! I felt it too as I made my way along the trail of stones. This trail led me to several spots on the island. These are places where you can still appreciate how the workers and stonecutters did their work, using the same principles – the principles of using the geological structures and formations to their best advantage.

You can read the full story on Atlantis here.

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