Rock n Roll Library at Girlz Skool Ibiza

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Hands Up who loves Rock n Roll?
GIRLZ SKOOL, Ibiza… but with a rock n rolla twist.

Which is why we have roped in a brand new Skool Teacher to help with this Friday’s class assembly in El Txoko in Ibiza town.

Girlz Skool IbizaHelen Donlon is her name, Rock and Roll Publishing is her game. Resident in Ibiza, Helen runs her company Storm Ibiza, from the island and has published more rock and roll biographies than any other in the business in her twelve years. Donlon has also had published her own literary masterpiece, in the form of ‘According to…David Lynch’ and is currently immersed in a similar dedication to Janis Joplin and Woodstock. And she’s very kindly given us a huge box of her best work for our Girlz Skool Rock n Roll Library!! From The Beatles to The Beach Boys, Dylan to Depeche Mode, King Crimson to Kurt & Courtney, you’ll be hard pushed to see another such fine collection of rock and roll biographies as this one.

And then there’s the SKOOL DINNER.. .fill up your boots while you read your books from 19h with Txoko’s fine tapas menu… or grab yourself a sturdy big sandwich… but be careful not to leave your big greasy paw-prints all over the set reading material.
As for dessert, we’re going all smoooooth… LOVE SMOOTHIES** will be in the house!! We’re very happy to let them let us try their gorgeous fruity little cocktails, we’ll be bouncing off the walls with all those vitamins… Love Smoothies Sampling starts at 10.30pm so come get your five-a-day here kids…

SKOOL ANTHEMS this week are at the hand of JOANIC BOFILL AKA DISBAUXA***, one of our favourite island DJs and a man who refuses to give up vinyl. Expect a whole lot of everything except the usual Ibiza house sound.

Rock & Roll LIBRARY @ gIRLz SKooL
Friday 24th April
@ TXOKO (Pasaje Avda. Espana con Via Punica)

Skool DINNER from 19,00h
Do the BOOKWORM Wiggle from 22,00h

Skool Anthems:
Dj JOANIC(Rocks)

Rock & Roll LIBRARY

  • Reckless Road: Guns n Roses by Marc Canter
  • The Cure by Jeff Apter
  • Gang of Four by Paul Lester
  • Led Zeppelin by Richard Morton Jack
  • Out of this world: The Story of Muse by Mark Beaumont
  • Fornication: The Red Hot Chili Peppers Story by Jeff Apter
  • Van Morrison by Clinton Heylin
  • Dylan’s Daemon Lover by Clinton Heylin
  • New York Dolls by Nina Antonia
  • The Dark Reign of Gothic Rock by Dave Thompson
  • Tool by Joel McIver
  • The Art of Record Production by Richard James Burgess
  • The Rolling Stones Off The Record by Mark Paytress x 3
  • Nine Inch Nails by Tommu Udo
  • The Smiths Photographs by Paul Slattery
  • The Beatles Phenomenon in Words and Music
  • Albums That Rocked the World
  • The Restless Generation by Pete Frame
  • Stripped: Depeche Mode by Jonathan Miller
  • Dylan Recording Sessions by Clinton Heylin
  • The Life of Jimi Hendrix by David Henderson
  • David Sylvian by Martin Power
  • Bob Dylan by Paul Williams
  • Sandy Denny by Clinton Heylin
  • Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles by Dom Pedler
  • Pam and Jim Morrison by Patricia Butler
  • Dear Boy: The Story of Keith Moon by Tony Fletcher
  • The Sharper Word: A Mod Anthology by Paolo Hewitt
  • Hendrix Talking
  • Elevator Music by Jospeh Lanza
  • Metallica by Joel McIver
  • Shaun Ryder biog
  • Darkness Talking
  • Kurt and Courtney Talking
  • Zappa Complete Guide
  • Beach Boys complete guide
  • Hey Ho Let’s Go: The Story of The Ramones by Everett True
  • Metallica: The Complete Guide to their Music by Dome and Wallray
  • Ray Charles – The Birth of Soul by Mike Evans
  • Young Soul Rebels: Dexy’s Midnight Runners by Richard White
  • In The Court of King Crimson by Sid Smith
  • The Life and Times of Little Richard by Charles White
  • Puccini by Timothy Ramsden

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