Space Disco, Ibiza opens for the first time in 1985

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The first edition of Ibiza NOW Magazine back in 1985 featured the Space, Ibiza opening in Playa den Bossa:

Ibiza has always been a bit out of this world and, as if to underline that fact, the news on the island’s entertainment scene is the imminent inauguration of “Space” the island’s most extraordinary discotheque in terms of innovative features. “This is the new generation of disco”, explained the disco’s director Francisco Camps. “We want to offer something really different in the way of entertainment and I think we have done it”.

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ibiza now magazine When Space opens its doors this week, discogoers will be able to take a trip around the universe. Comets, planets, constellations and even UFO’s will surround guests in an atmosphere which announces the 21st century. The spectacular lighting system of Space was invented by Gaston Prat, the man who has created some of the most spectacular disco ambience in Europe. And spectacular it is as the figures speak for themselves.

Five thousand watts for sound, 150,000 watts for lighting, 5 bars, and a capacity of 1,500 people take the disco into a sphere of its own. Space will be connected via satelite to the video channel Musicbox of England, bringing the latest video clips directly into the disco. Rumours quote total expenditure on the new disco in the realm of 200 million pesetas [approx 800,000 UK pounds].

So it figures that Space is more than a fabulous disco. It has been cleaverly designed to also serve as an auditorium for live musical performances and as a conference center. Francisco Camps revealed that various groups have been contracted to appear during the weeks ahead. On July 17th Hugh Masekela will perform there and on August 16th Shakatak will be appareaing. Other groups currently in negoiating appearances include “Objectivo Birmania”, “Golpes Bajos” and “Radio Futuro”.

Camps has chosen a team of young people with new ideas. Camps himself is of the new generation. Only 25 years old, he already has seven years of experience behind him in the disco business, working in Marbella, Andorrra and the Costa Brava. “I have done everything in disco’s from disc-jockeying to managing and designing”, says the young director. In fact Camps to an active role in the design of Space. “Futhermore”, claims Camps, “this discotheque complies absolutely with all European security standards”.

If disco fans greet the opening of “Space” with just half as much enthusiasm as its dynamic director, the new disco will soon be causing revolutions in the island’s entertainment world.

The Space opening party advert as it appeared in the first Ibiza NOW edition:
ibiza now magazine

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One Response to “Space Disco, Ibiza opens for the first time in 1985”

  1. Carhiremarbella Says:

    “…..Five thousand watts for sound, 150,000 watts for lighting, 5 bars, and a capacity of 1,500 people take the disco into a sphere of its own….”

    All it needs next is a space shuttle and astronauts would feel right at home at this disco :) Personally I’d love it if a club could re-create the cantina scene from the first Star Wars movie.