Steve Norman of Spandau Ballet in Ibiza

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Our CD reviewer on Ibiza NOW Magazine for the past 6 years has been Steve Norman of Spandau Ballet fame. In a coincidence, Spandau Ballet will be announcing the reforming of the band at a press conference today on HMS Belfast – the site of their original launch party – at the same time we have been going back through the archives because of Ibiza NOW Magazine’s 25th anniversary and we came across an interview with Steve Norman first published in 1985 by our predecessor, the Ibiza Forecast.

Spandau Ballet at Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town
“Halfway through the show the audience and the group are getting together. By the end of the show we are one. That feeling is like a drug to me. ..l want to be doing this for the rest of my life.”

The evening concert in the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California was progressing smoothly and as planned, time now for Steve Norman, saxaphonist for the popular group “Spandau Ballet“, to slide across the stage on his knees, like every other night. But this time something snapped and Steve wound up with a very sore knee requiring some delicate surgery. The doctor issued a distressing verdict: three months without any strenuous activity for Steve. A temporary death sentence for a band which is known for its lively stage shows.

Steve Dagger, manager for Spandau Ballet was recently in Ibiza with Steve Norman to attend the opening night at KU. He explained how Steve’s accident had happened and its consequences, one of which was a terrible disappointment for Spain which had been looking forward to a lengthly tour of the group this summer.

“We have had to cancel Italy, Spain and a USA tour because of Steve’s accident”, said Dagger. “At the moment we don’t know exactly where we are going when Steve is back in shape again. But somehow we will make up the tours we cancelled…”

The original article – click on the image for a larger verion

“We were really looking forward to our tour of Spain”, Steve Norman said, Ieaning on his cane and enjoying the party at KU. “Spanish audiences are great. We played for the first time in Spain four years ago right here in KU. But now we couldn’t as our equipment is now so large that it wouldn’t fit in here.” Although Steve is under doctor’s Orders not to do any live performances that doesn’t mean that the group has been idle. “We’ve been busy getting new material together and recording, We are always busy”, said Steve Norman. Does that mean a new LP soon? “Yes”, revealed Steve. without saying when. Spandau Ballet prefers giving live shows to working in the Studio. “I like touring because it puts us face to face with the people who buy our records”, said Norman.

Perhaps anything is possible for this 23 year-old musician who, together with his group, has risen to the top of the charts so quickly. “We were really lucky”, said Norman. “Our first single got to be number five in England and things really took off from there. But it was time before we had money to finance our shows the way we wanted to. We put a lot of money back into the group to make the production bigger and the stage show better. People should motivate money, not the other way around. I like money for what it can do but to be only concerned about it is the part of music that I don’t like”, Norman said.

What Steve does like is Spain, Ibiza in particular. And when he’s here he does just about what all visitors do. “I am just human too”, he exclaims. “l do all the normal things here – go to nightclubs, the beach, and above all, just relax.”

Steve Norman in spite of his current setback, is optimistic and friendly. “Really I like all different places for different reasons. All of Europe is like horne for us and I like the history it holds. But I like America too because where eise can you get 24-hour room Service or all-night television?”

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