Ibiza in Bloom

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A field in Cala Jondal – by the end of March many meadows on the island are abloom with the red of poppies
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At times like this we can again experience the sort of gorgeous moments Ibiza and Formentera offer us when the morning sun helps us to rise inspired to each new day as we walk or drive through colourful blooming fields. In northern Europe we would probably feel overwhelmed by short days of unending gloomy grey clouds.

ibizaIt is especially now when we can really enjoy the island and let Mother Nature inspire our souls. Even the farmers in the fields have a smile on their faces whilst working.

Get out and enjoy these very special moments, where everyone on the streets, plazas, restaurants and shops is simply enjoying what life and the islands offer!

Taking a ‘long cut’ is never as popular as it is right now. There is almost no other time on the islands where the luxury of taking your time is so gorgeous. Winter depression may be fine in Northern Europe, but the blooming landscapes of Ibiza and Formentera are shimmering right now in every colour of the rainbow beneath the springtime sun and the crystal clear blue of the sky.


ibizaTake one of those unused side roads that you usually pass by and let yourself be taken to another island world. Behind the pine forest you can discover fields and valleys carpeted with flowers. No matter where you look, blossoms are smiling your way.

On Ibiza we can especially recommend the small road connecting Santa Eulalia and Santa Gertrudis. Or the area around Sant Mateu. In the south be sure not to miss the Benimussa Valley with its picturesque and unspoilt landscape, and in the north a dreamy landscape winds along the road from Sant Carles to Sant Miquel. Avoid your regular routes and take some long cuts around the island to discover its beauty. You are sure to find a small cafe or restaurant to sweeten your journey.

Formentera’s sea of flowers is calling along the road from Sant Francesc to Cap de Barberia, whereas the last section near the Cap is very barren and rocky. Taking one of the side roads beforehand is very much worth the effort and the plateau heading out to La Mola has many colourful flowerscapes for your delight.

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