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“Years ago when we’d decided to willingly succumb to the fact that Ibiza was the only place we wanted to live and raise our children, the obvious question that ran through our minds was how we would earn our living. As new parents, our holiday time on the holiday was always spent with kids in tow, that was the way we wanted it, but the fact we couldn’t find any child care whatsoever certainly helped make up our minds pretty quick. A seed had been sown.

Years later we launched

Alexis had qualified to a supervisory level and worked in various settings at nurseries, schools and children’s centres in England. We used that, and our long standing knowledge of the island, as the basis of our business, which was quite simply based around providing a quality, fun and professional child care service in Ibiza.

We made a decision from the outset that we would only use qualified child care practitioners who could be fully reference checked and also had a current CRB check. This has allowed a great sense of security for the parents of the children we provide babysitting and nannying services for, but it also means that our professionals are competent and confident enough to provide a excellent quality of care that is fun for the child.

The whole point of what we are trying to do is make sure that the children who either live or come to holiday in Ibiza, have their own specific needs met when their parents can’t be with them, whether that be just one night or a more regular, long term arrangement.

For more details on the getting the right childcare in Ibiza and our approach to resolving this, see this entry in our blog.

Or visit our site – targ “

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