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ibiza rocks 2009 – bands announced – the net & twitter response

March 30th, 2009

It was interesting watching the twitter, blogs, news etc on this years first ibiza rocks 2009 band announcements. last year there was a lot of coverage but this year has been far greater on the net.

Even though we say so ourself we thought our ibiza rocks 2009 news blog had the best layout ;)

Andy led with their twitter feed an hour before the official embargo time (we think - we could be wrong but since he *is* ibiza rocks we think thats fair – and also for server timings reasons below we could be wrong but the ibizarocksnews twitter was easily way ahead of everyone else), The Sun newspaper we think went 15 mins early on their website post and our automated blog post posted at 2am on the dot (1am uk) but our facebook and twitter feeds took sometime to filter through for some reason (if we had bothered to stay up we wouldve made sure on twitter etc and hit the bands message boards at exactly 2am (embargo time). All of last years Ibiza Rocks gigs we posted photos on our blog and the relevants bands message boards by 3am the same night).

Technorati (not google) were the first to break the news on the net – ours and The Sun’s – because of server times and looking back its difficult to retrospectively confirm the actual times – but it was around 8 hours before google – give or take an hour)

From about 7am onwards the rss feeds starting coming from other websites but as the spotlight said – the first “google” *alert* was radio 1 at 10ish – before 10am though anyone with an rss reader or knew how to search on twitter would’ve have known about it hours before radio1 went with it and google picked it up.

By lunchtime every other twitter post on ibiza search was announcing ibiza rocks lineups and then after lunch the u.s. sites started in – by 3pm ish we’d gven up thinking about how many tweets had been posted.

We’re looking foward to all of the bands as ppl like vampire weekend and mgmt we’d like to see live and pendulum last year were brilliant – klaxons as the closing party should be a lot of fun and the enemy are always great live.

There is still a bunch of bands to be announced and we’re really hoping one of them is a band we saw back in February.

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Ibiza Rocks 2009 – First bands announced

March 30th, 2009

Ibiza is set for another rocking year – we can now announce the first set of bands for Ibiza Rocks 2009.

Ibiza stalwarts The Enemy are back again – you can’t keep this lot away – this will be the forth time they’ve played Ibiza Rocks – we think they like it! Pendulum are back again after last years storming closing party and Dizzee Rascal will be back.

New Yorkers Vampire Weekend and MGMT will be playing for the first time and The Kooks return after last playing in 2005 when they were unsigned and relatively unknown.

Tickets will be available to buy from 9am Monday 30 March at seetickets, priced £28.50 – £37.50 plus booking fee.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel prices from £19 per person per night based on 3 sharing a Standard Studio including a gig ticket for the Opening Party on 16 June.

Andy McKay, Promoter, Ibiza Rocks said: “Ibiza Rocks has pioneered a social rejuvenation of the island. The land of dad house where money talked is being replaced. Youth is the islands vibrant new currency. Move over old timers and long live Ibiza Rocks.”

16 June Opening Party with very special guests
23 June TBC
30 June The Kooks kooks
07 July TBC
14 July TBC
21 July TBC
28 July Pendulum pendulum
04 Aug The Enemy the enemy
11 Aug Dizzee Rascal dizzee rascal
18 Aug Vampire Weekend vampire weekend
>25 Aug MGMT mgmt
01 Sept TBC
08 Sept Closing Party with Klaxons and special guests klaxons

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Ibiza Twitter feeds on one page

March 29th, 2009

To save having to visit all the seperate ibiza twitter feeds we’ve put them all together on one page – the first page is all the main ibiza clubs plus ibiza rocks – there is another page with various ibiza twitter feeds eg Bora Bora, DC10, Ibiza Sonica radio and Judge Jules.

If you’d like to see others then just drop us a line or follow us on our own IbizaBlog twitter feed

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Ibiza Rocks 2009 first band details monday

March 26th, 2009

ibiza rocksThe first set of Ibiza Rocks bands will be announced first thing Monday morning.

Subscribe to the rss feed or the twitter feed so you get the details as soon as you log on to the net ;)

It’s going to be another good summer for live music…

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Ibiza NOW Magazine History – pt1

March 25th, 2009

Some excerpts from the beginning of Ibiza NOW‘s history:

Hello and welcome to the history page. This month we are going to interrupt our current series in order to report on one of the milestones of contemporary island history. This long overdue feature takes us back to the living roots of today’s English-speaking community and explores the foremost organ of expression within that community. We are referring, of course, to the founding of the Ibiza NOW in 1984. The magazine’s 25th anniversary provides us with the perfect opportunity to headline the full, unabridged story of how Sally Wilson engendered the longest enduring foreign-language periodical on the island today.

Our narrative starts in the early summer of 1965. Sally was about to return to her native California after a year working with a British government organisation promoting international trade when her London friends proposed a Mediterranean holiday. Although she had travelled around Europe in previous summers, Sally recalls looking at the photo of their holiday destination with the word IBIZA written below and thinking “I have no idea where that is.” Little did she suspect that four years later she would be establishing the first ever foreign language news publication on the island, the now legendary Ibiza Insight.

By September 1968 it was clear that the Ibiza Insight was on its way to becoming an integral part of the islands’ international community. The historic boom years of Ibiza’s tourist industry were rapidly approaching, witnessed by the new hotels that were being projected by local entrepreneurs. The Ibiza Insight finished its first season with a promising future ahead, ready to expand in volume and desirous of improving its graphic and photographic content.

The two intrepid editors set off for Palma de Mallorca to find a new printer, eventually arriving at the Spanish newspaper, Ultima Hora, where they found a friendly welcome and advanced printing technology. Beginning with the first 1969 edition, the Ibiza Insight was printed in Palma, soon doubling in size and adding the distinctive trademark bright orange to many of its pages.

ibiza, errol flynn
Errol Flynn (3rd left) with entourage on one of his frequent visits to Ibiza
Click on image for a larger version

As soon as the newspaper was firmly established, the editors began to reach out to the community with various activities never before attempted on the island. At the end of the 1969 summer season the first ‘Miss Ibiza Insight Gala’ took place at the then recently inaugurated Sa Tanca night club. The 20-some contestants of various nationalities, included local residents and others who were here for the summer, all of whom had previously appeared as the ‘Ibiza Insight Girl of the Week’ with a photograph and an interview in one of that summer’s editions. The presence of a celebrity panel of judges, which over the years included many film stars and international celebrities, added to the glamour of the event, with island residents always filling the outdoor venue to capacity.

These are just excerpts – you can read the entire article on the main ibiza now website here

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Ibiza Rocks Twitter feed added

March 25th, 2009

We’ve added the Ibiza Rocks twitter feed to our Ibiza Rocks 2009 News & Lineups page.

Here’s how it looks:

Latest Ibiza Rocks News Tweets

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Steve Norman of Spandau Ballet in Ibiza

March 25th, 2009

Our CD reviewer on Ibiza NOW Magazine for the past 6 years has been Steve Norman of Spandau Ballet fame. In a coincidence, Spandau Ballet will be announcing the reforming of the band at a press conference today on HMS Belfast – the site of their original launch party – at the same time we have been going back through the archives because of Ibiza NOW Magazine’s 25th anniversary and we came across an interview with Steve Norman first published in 1985 by our predecessor, the Ibiza Forecast.

Spandau Ballet at Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town
“Halfway through the show the audience and the group are getting together. By the end of the show we are one. That feeling is like a drug to me. ..l want to be doing this for the rest of my life.”

The evening concert in the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California was progressing smoothly and as planned, time now for Steve Norman, saxaphonist for the popular group “Spandau Ballet“, to slide across the stage on his knees, like every other night. But this time something snapped and Steve wound up with a very sore knee requiring some delicate surgery. The doctor issued a distressing verdict: three months without any strenuous activity for Steve. A temporary death sentence for a band which is known for its lively stage shows.

Steve Dagger, manager for Spandau Ballet was recently in Ibiza with Steve Norman to attend the opening night at KU. He explained how Steve’s accident had happened and its consequences, one of which was a terrible disappointment for Spain which had been looking forward to a lengthly tour of the group this summer.

“We have had to cancel Italy, Spain and a USA tour because of Steve’s accident”, said Dagger. “At the moment we don’t know exactly where we are going when Steve is back in shape again. But somehow we will make up the tours we cancelled…”

The original article – click on the image for a larger verion

“We were really looking forward to our tour of Spain”, Steve Norman said, Ieaning on his cane and enjoying the party at KU. “Spanish audiences are great. We played for the first time in Spain four years ago right here in KU. But now we couldn’t as our equipment is now so large that it wouldn’t fit in here.” Although Steve is under doctor’s Orders not to do any live performances that doesn’t mean that the group has been idle. “We’ve been busy getting new material together and recording, We are always busy”, said Steve Norman. Does that mean a new LP soon? “Yes”, revealed Steve. without saying when. Spandau Ballet prefers giving live shows to working in the Studio. “I like touring because it puts us face to face with the people who buy our records”, said Norman.

Perhaps anything is possible for this 23 year-old musician who, together with his group, has risen to the top of the charts so quickly. “We were really lucky”, said Norman. “Our first single got to be number five in England and things really took off from there. But it was time before we had money to finance our shows the way we wanted to. We put a lot of money back into the group to make the production bigger and the stage show better. People should motivate money, not the other way around. I like money for what it can do but to be only concerned about it is the part of music that I don’t like”, Norman said.

What Steve does like is Spain, Ibiza in particular. And when he’s here he does just about what all visitors do. “I am just human too”, he exclaims. “l do all the normal things here – go to nightclubs, the beach, and above all, just relax.”

Steve Norman in spite of his current setback, is optimistic and friendly. “Really I like all different places for different reasons. All of Europe is like horne for us and I like the history it holds. But I like America too because where eise can you get 24-hour room Service or all-night television?”

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Ibiza NOW Magazine – April’s contents pages

March 24th, 2009

Sneak preview of the contents of Ibiza NOW’s April edition.

Some highlights:

  • History: Last month we promised to dig a little further into the origins of our 25th anniversary – what we found stretches back fully 40 years!
  • Crucifixion Re-enactment: The processions that surround the celebration of Easter on the islands are an extraordinary experience. At first glance they can be very unnerving with dozens of what appear to be Klu Klux clan members bearing torches to a lilting and monotonous drumbeat. However, what they really reflect is the deeply felt penance of these strongly Catholic people
  • Multi-tasking: Surviving on Ibiza means hard work and being creative – it often involves more than one job, but there are worse places to work
  • Restaurant News: Many seasonal venues are opening with a flourish for Easter. A number of venues are opening their doors under new management and all are trying to outdo each other with special offerings for the imminent Easter holiday
  • Rock ‘n Roll: The role of the islands in the anthology of rock ‘n roll history has to be seen to be believed – so this month we bring it to you…

Click on the images for larger versions:

April 2009 contents

April 2009 contents

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Tonights Ibiza Sunset Video – 23-03-09

March 23rd, 2009

Tonights Ibiza sunset video

Music is from Lenny Ibizarre – Which you can buy from our online store here:

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Ibiza Now Magazine April 2009 front cover

March 23rd, 2009

April’s Ibiza NOW Magazine front cover has gone off to the printers so here’s a sneak preview of next months front cover.

The contents page will go up on the blog tomorrow (when its finished!)

Ibiza Now Magazine April 2009 front cover

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