Ibiza NOW Magazine 25th Anniversary

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We don’t normally put up the editorials from Ibiza NOW Magazine but as it’s our 25th anniversary this year we’re making an exception. This is the editorial for the March edition which comes out this coming weekend.

Dear Reader,

This year the IbizaNOW celebrates its 25th anniversary – a remarkable achievement for an English language ex-pat magazine. In fact we’re not aware of an older one anywhere else in the world, and certainly not one of equivalent quality.

The roots of the magazine extend so far back into the mists of time that we’re not exactly sure of the exact date of birth in 1984 of this distinguished old lady of a magazine! The earliest records we have consist of copies of Issue Numbers 13 to 16 of what was then called the ‘Ibiza Forecast’.

It’s issue No. 16 that gives us the best clue when it refers to its sister publication, the IbizaNOW, being a joint sponsor in the classical concert series at the Teatro Pereyra in 1985. We continue to investigate, but in the meantime would welcome any pictures or stories from that period in time to decorate the articles we plan to run this year celebrating the magazine’s significant anniversary.

What makes us proud is that our office has become something of a large extended family over the years. The majority of the team have been here for a long time and do not see their work as a job, but more as a passion where everybody does their part to create something new every month – and to strive to make it even better.

More than thirty people work in our team, which is quite a lot in a microcosm like Ibiza. When we all meet up nine countries are represented. Yet we all speak the same language – that of Ibiza. Our thoughts turn on the island, the people living here, its history and, most of all, we care about the future of the islands. For a long time Ibiza and Formentera were islands of isolated groups. The Ibicencan and Formenterans on the one side, the newcomers who found a second home here and of course the holidaymakers who come to have a few of the loveliest days of their year here.

For a long, long time, the islanders-by-choice were considered by the locals rather like a group of holidaymakers. This makes sense, as we foreigners brought with us big changes in the traditional culture and way of life on the islands. Some call it progress, which normally happens gradually over the course of years. It is logical that the long-established families on the islands moved closer together, but not without remaining open. Economically, of course, but also personally. Open and friendly.

Naturally tradition is being preserved in large areas on the islands and kept alive. Which is important, because otherwise they, and we, would lose a piece of their identity, character and a large part of their charm. It is both a blessing and sometimes even a bit of a curse at the same time. Visits to the authorities, construction permits – it’s a real ‘dream’, but this is probably true for anybody living in a foreign country. It could be much worse.

We are also proud of the fact that over time the office has built up such a good rapport with people here, including political representatives. Mutual respect, consideration and communication are excellent. It is definitely a co-operation within which more and more productive exchange is possible. Twenty-five years of IbizaNOW, twenty-five years acting as a link between peoples and cultures. It’s been (and remains) a wonderful time.

Many thanks go to you, our readers. Thanks to the team and thanks to our business and advertising partners. You all have made IbizaNOW grow over the years, and for that we cannot thank you enough. Here’s to the next twenty-five!

yours, Thomas Abholte and the IbizaNOW team

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