Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

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santa gertrudis,ibizaThis little village of Santa Gertrudis in the centre of Ibiza is about as far from the sea as you can be. It always brings to mind the “Champs Elysee” of Paris by virtue of its “cafe society” main street, with tables full of diners overflowing into the, now pedestrianised, road outside the “cheek and jowl” cafes.

There wasn’t much else to the village until recently, but now it’s rapidly growing as the price of houses “with a sea view” have rocketed out of mos people’s reach.

With the nearest beaches only ten minutes away, and the furthest half an hour, Santa Gertrudis remains a village that is neither dependent upon, nor swamped with tourists, even during the peak season on Ibiza.

Santa Gertrudis is sufficiently civilized that whenever locals have to cross the island, they inevitably detour through Santa Gertrudis for a coffee, to break their short journey?

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One Response to “Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza”

  1. tom provo Says:

    gone are the days of dirt streets 1970, vi payes , pobrassos , wild assparagus ,celtas cortos, cerveza aquilas de litro . eating at alfonsos bar ,ravi shankar music streaming out of roig pis bar. the days when bill and penny ,fulljames , dennis ubanks ,and i were starving ,trying to sell our paintings and sculptures! when the payeses welcomed the crazy forasters, drop outs . its amazing to see we started the whole santa gertudis art scene, before monreal ever showed up . it was so beautiful in its rawness, now its like disneyland. progress? maybe!!!but the people the payeses , the real ones , know the truth. they sell it ,but always knowing its theirs in reality. just loaning it out to misplaced wannabes. progress is a circus !tomprovo(donkey tom)de ses someras!