The redrawing of Ibiza and Formentera’s coastline

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ibizaBuilt too close to the sea

For the first time since 1969, the Spanish Ministry of the Environment is quietly redrawing the coastline, including that of Ibiza and Formentera

Imagine the following situation: years ago, you built a house near the sea on Ibiza or Formentera – legally, of course, and with the necessary planning permission. And now, the Madrid authorities get in touch to inform you that “Your house is located on the coastline and therefore not legal any more!” You face either having your property torn down or forcibly repossessed at any given time. “That’s impossible,” you’re probably thinking – but you’re wrong. Because in 2004, the Ministry of the Environment in Madrid referred back to a law from 1988 known as the coastal law, or Ley de Costas.

The law was designed to protect coastal areas from rampant over-construction and at the same time make every inch of beach easily accessible to the general public. However, the first sections of the coast to which this law has been applied, which includes Formentera, have been inaccurately measured. Now, Madrid is threatening homeowners with eviction, transforming them into concessionaires in their own homes. Those owners are now grouping together to oppose the law.

Built back in 1982 after planning permission was granted: now, according to a law from 1988, the Real Playa restaurant on Migjorn beach is set to become state property. Maria Jose Mayans has been battling for years to save her family’s livelihood

When you ask Nordhild Kohler whether she still feels like the owner of her house, Casa Sargantana, on Formentera’s romantically unspoilt Migjorn beach, she pauses for a moment. Although the question appears to be a simple one, she finds it difficult to answer. “Yes, of course, but according to the law, I’m no longer the owner.” And she’s probably right.

You can read the full article about the redrawing of Ibiza and Formentera’s coastline here: Built too close to the Sea

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