Photos of Ibiza from 40 years ago

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The view from the fortified city of Dalt Vila in 1971. Click on the images for larger versions.
Take a good look at the coastline in particular: no marina in sight and very few buildings to speak of. Even the container terminal still remains to be built.

The face of Ibiza is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up. In the space of just a few years, the island has taken steps forward that would take decades anywhere else. This fact makes looking at photographs from times gone by all the more fascinating.

This is one of those cases where someone’s love for Ibiza as a holiday destination has developed into a real passion for the place. Exactly 40 years ago, back in 1969, Margaret Leafe set foot on the island for the very first time – and has repeated the experience every year since, until two years ago when she had to stop her annual visits to Ibiza for health reasons.

However, there are two things that no-one can take away from Margaret: the first is the large collection of old slides that she has been accumulating ever since she first visited the island, and the second is her copy of IbizaNOW that she has delivered to her doorstep in Nottingham in the UK every month, as her link to the island. It keeps her informed of what’s going on and is full of memories.

The full article is here: Photos of Ibiza from 40 years ago

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