Statue on Christ in Jesus, Ibiza

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A bishop ordered its construction as a
token of thanks for the sparing of his life

Statue of Christ In Jesus
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It was during the Spanish Civil War, a time of blood soaked confusion during which, even on Ibiza, churches were set alight and priests killed. Bishop Antonio Cardona Riera, known as Frit, fled to the hills near Puig d'en Valls and sought refuge there. He survived and was to give thanks for his escape by ordering the construction of a statue of Christ that, at 23 metres high, is a mere 14 metres “shorter” than its larger cousin on Corcovado mountain outside Rio de Janeiro…

What do Ibiza and Brazil have in common? Not a great deal, you might think – with the exception of a few attractive Brazilian go-go dancers in the clubs, and the salsa music and caipirinhas that pep up the atmosphere around the island's beaches and bars.

Very few people are aware that there is a monument on Ibiza that is a spitting image of one of Brazil's most visited landmarks. We are referring to the statue of the “Sagrat Cor de Jesus” – the Holy Heart of Jesus up on the “Puig de na Ribas” hill between Ibiza town and San Rafael.

The figure of Jesus looks up towards the heavens, its arms outstretched, as if it wanted to embrace the whole world. It is a gesture full of compassion: Jesus appears to be searching for sheep to join the flocks of his community of believers. The statue of “Sagrat Cor de Jesus” measures 23 metres and can be seen from a distance of several kilometres. It is an impressive white stalagmite of cement and stone.

Hardly anyone knows this monument exists and anyone who happens to catch a glance of it from a distance must ask themselves: “Why is there a pillar up there on the hill?” Only those who venture a little closer will realise what they are seeing. “It reminds me a little of Rio de Janeiro,” some may think, and they are not mistaken.

You can read the full story of the Statue of Christ on Ibiza here.

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