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guru josh in ibizaWe’ve known the loveable Guru Josh for about 10 years here in Ibiza and have always been amused by his different creative endeavours – from his green painted camouflage porsche, his jet ski antics, flying around ibiza with a large hairdryer fan strapped to his back to his weird and strange plastic moulded lights and metal sculptures.

To the world at large though he’s obviously known for the Guru Josh – Infinity hit single and more recently the reissue and reworking of that called Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008.

As a bit of history we thought we’d put up an article we did about Guru Josh back in about early 2003. We’ll also be doing an article on his previous art and what he’s up to now.

Anyway, here’s the article from we think early 2002 or 2003:

Everyone still knows him as the mad keyboard player who created the huge selling single “Infinity”. From 1990 to 1992 he produced a follow-up single and a hit album. He left the music industry on a high and went on to create new projects, notably the huge Dr Devious projects which were a combination of computer graphics and sound from 1994-1997. He was also involved in many videos including the Prodigy and many other major players video promotions on MTV. He decided to go back to playing music and although many record companies have asked him to do more records he hasn’t really found the incentive until this year.

This picture from left to right Josh, sensible Pete manager and Asterix the insane, sound, lights

For the past four years he has been living in Ibiza and the past year has been spent creating his new set, forthcoming single and album. From January to April of this year he toured Spain playing in various clubs accommodating between one and 2,000 people.

The reaction to the new set was phenomenal and having perfected the new show he has decided to test the reaction in the world’s most demanding venue – Ibiza. He invited some select people to two shows, one at Kancela and the other at Lucifers (this years new club on the block – near to El Divino). The reaction was fantastic – everyone said the music was out of this world and from this word of mouth spread to Pacha, where Mark, the guy in charge of bookings, has asked Josh to do Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong’s opening night on 25th June. The music is a combination of Funky, trancy, grunge house, with bits of anthem thrown in, all totally live, basically whatever the crowd is getting into, Josh will ride them to a state of ecstacy.

As Josh says “Ibiza is the perfect place for my show and as I have been living here I know exactly what the people want. I have hit it right on the nail with this show, it’s great to see everyone going bananas and it’s even better than before. The time is right this summer for my comeback, everything is in place, I have all the equipment, and a great team of people to make sure that this show will be the best that anyone will see this season”.

Josh: slightly outrageous

He is now taking bookings throughout the season. Already clubs have heard about the show and are expressing an interest, so if you’re the type of club that is looking for this kind of show we suggest you them as soon as possible as we’re sure you will decide to make this show exclusive to your venue.

The show lasts for one hour and costs are a lot cheaper than others. As we all live on the island, we also know all of the light and sound set-ups in all of the clubs and specific stage decorations can be created to fit in with your theme. We can have extra people involved in the show and Josh’s image can be from normal and cool, to completely outrageous as seen in the photos.

With the single release in July, Channel 4 20min special, the usual magazine spreads, Radio 1 live transmission in August, this can only be good for people wanting to see the show.

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