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Continuing our philosophy of putting content up, here’s an article we did about Ibiza Sonica Radio from last summer which somehow evaded the blog…

nady wilson, sonica radioThe music studio from which Ibiza Sonica broadcast, on the top of the hill that is San Rafael, is “a breath of fresh air” compared to the studios he’s worked at in the past, says Andy Wilson as he welcomes us. Despite all of the state of the art equipment it remains light and airy, while the spectacular view from the panorama window grabs your attention.

The window is flung open making a mockery of the soundproofing which covers the walls, but this is a place of work so the volume generated here will never compete with Privilege on the other side of the hill.

sonica radioIn fact while the show goes out – a live music set by Manchester DJ Michael Cook – we are still able to converse easily with Andy as he deals with a succession of visitors and other co-workers in the open house that serves as the studio.

The only rules are ‘don’t talk while Andy’s on air between tracks’ and ‘shut the door behind you’ to keep out the noise of the workmen building the new production studios alongside the main event. Neither of these rules are pointed out to visitors. You should already be familiar with this etiquette, or you’re probably not worthy of entering this temple of music production.

sonica radioThe entire studio set-up is very much a work in progress. Andy proudly points out the new staircase that replaces the ladder they had to climb to get up to the first floor previously.

The station celebrated its first birthday in June 2007, but unfortunately the planned party was scheduled for Amnesia and fell foul of the club’s closure – before that was belatedly repealed by the High Court in Palma. However, minor setbacks can be overcome and this team just keep bouncing back, inspired by their mission. Remaining right at the cutting edge of modern technology you’re more likely to find them doing a live broadcast with a laptop and microphone at a small venue, or even on the street, than you are to find them all at home at the studio.

Sonica is a non-profit cultural association formed by a group of like-minded professionals in the world of music who want to encourage similarly minded people to feed from their knowledge, experience and contacts within the music industry. They offer a place of discussion, of learning and of teaching, alongside assistance and support to any aspiring musician, producer or DJ. This we witnessed in practice as Andy offered tips and contact numbers to the various visitors who dropped by as he supervised the live show in progress.

sonica radioWith regard to the hard commercial realities of running a radio station, the island government have promised money to encourage the initiative, but until that arrives the station pays its way by providing content for TV3 and through sponsorship of their shows by individual clubs and promoters. This way they remain true to their policy of avoiding commercial breaks, which to the purist radio listener is a highly commendable ethic.

Meanwhile the workmen continue assembling the new production studios as Sonica closes in on its objective of providing full production and back-up facilities to new musicians. Facilities to match those that you might expect to find in any major city around the world – and certainly somewhere with the musical legacy that Ibiza has earned over the last few decades.

If you want to join the Association, and count yourself amongst the leading lights of the musical movement of 21st Century Ibiza, call Nuria on 971 198 793 or drop her an email to: nuria AT ibizasonica.com

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