Ibiza’s mayors share their plans for Christmas

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Time to catch your breath, time for the family, time to just be a regular person again. This is especially true for the mayors and Island Council president, and actually for many island politicians who get a chance to spend some quality holiday time away from the hustle and bustle of island politics. We asked some of them to share their personal thoughts on the holidays.

xico tarres
Xico Tarres, President of the Island Council on Ibiza

1. Tell us about a very special Christmas memory.

When I was a child we celebrated differently, and the first thing was that the real celebration took place on the Epiphany in January. I can recall a Christmas when I asked for a tabletop basketball game. That was really fashionable back then. You pressed a button, the ball sprung out and you had to aim it so it went in the basket. But my aunt misunderstood and gave me a football that she presented to me in a basket. Now, as a father, I get to experience Christmas from the other side, but it’s just as emotional for me as when I was a child.

2. Do you have any wishes for 2009?
I always have the same wish – to remain healthy. When a person is in good health then the rest takes care of itself.

3. What will you be doing for Christmas this year?
I’ll be celebrating with my family, although we haven’t yet decided exactly where, as that depends on my daughter. If she gets called up to the Balearic Islands basketball team then we’ll have to accompany her to the games for the Spanish championship.

lurdes costa
Lurdes Costa, Eivissa

1. Tell us about a very special Christmas memory.
I have strong memories of Christmas when I was a child. They were magical days that the little ones, with their characteristic innocence, can especially enjoy. We lived near to the Paseo Vara de Rey, and every time after we watched the parade of the Three Kings and returned home our presents were waiting to be opened. Today I get to experience that same magic through watching my own children enjoy the experience.

2. Do you have any wishes for 2009?
As a mayor I hope that despite the financial crisis we will be able to continue to make life for our citizens more pleasant. I wish that projects like the planned hospital, new sporting facilities and the preservation of our historic legacy will move forward quickly and without problems. In other words, to improve the quality of life in the city.

3. What will you be doing for Christmas this year?
As always, I’ll be in Eivissa spending some well earner quality time with my extended family.

jose sala
Jose Sala, Sant Antoni

1. Tell us about a very special Christmas memory.
Many years ago when I was doing my military service I had practically given up all hope of being able to spend Christmas with my family. I personally went to my highest superior, and much to my surprise he gave me a special furlough to travel to Ibiza for a few days. Over all the years there has never been a Christmas that wasn’t spent with my immediate family and close friends. And that is exactly what makes these special days so precious to me each and every year.

2. Do you have any wishes for 2009?
Above everything I wish for health for my family, friends and acquaintances. I also hope that all the nations of the world finally come to an understanding to end war, hunger and illnesses. In many parts of the world this is not a matter of course, which must be clear to all of us here in Europe.

3. What will you be doing on Christmas this year?
I will be celebrating within the circle of my family, as always, and the larger the circle, the better. However we will be missing my father this year, who passed away just a few weeks ago.

vicente mari torres
Vicent Mari Torres, Santa Eularia

1. Tell us about a very special Christmas memory.
Christmas is traditionally spent with the family, as it’s a very special reason to come together. I will never forget my first Christmas as a student. Back then I had been away from the island for a long period of time, which meant that it was an especially intense and rewarding experience returning to my family for Christmas.

2. Do you have any wishes for 2009?
I wish that everyone remains healthy, which is the most important thing. Additionally, as mayor I hope that we get through the financial crisis quickly and for the most part unscathed as a community. I wish for a happy and successful year for each and everyone.

3. What will you be doing for Christmas this year?
As always I will be spending the Christmas holidays with my loved ones, very traditionally. We use these quiet days to be together. Perhaps we’ll go on holiday for a few days around the New Year.

josep mari ribas
Josep Mari Ribas, Sant Josep

1. Tell us about a very special Christmas memory.
I especially fondly recall those Christmas holidays with my dearly departed father. Nowadays I am blessed that my family continues to grow from all sides, that more children are being added to it. Being able to experience these developments up close and personally over all the years is very important to me. Christmas is a celebration of family where I take the time to take a personal retrospective of the year coming to a close.

2. Do you have any wishes for 2009?
Next year will be a challenge to ensure that the municipality can make itself more comfortable for its residents. We are heading into economically difficult times, which means that our political job is to make sure that we assist the citizens as much as possible.

3. What will you be doing for Christmas this year?
As always I will be with my extended family and friends in Sant Josep. I can’t image any better place to spend these holidays, to enjoy the sunsets and nature.

antoni mari mari
Antoni Mari Mari, Sant Joan

1. Tell us about a very special Christmas memory.
I find that the real meaning of Christmas has been obscured by commercialisation in recent years. Expensive gifts, extravagant meals and luxurious travel should not be important, but instead our family and friends. The important thing about these days is being together, for which we have no time the rest of the year. Going fishing with your son or listening to the stories your grandparents tell. These for me are what the real spirit of Christmas is all about.

2. Do you have any wishes for 2009?
My greatest wish for next year is as follows: We humans should realise that we have just one life to live, just one planet Earth that we are pushing to the brink of destruction. We need to learn to have more respect for our fellow man, and the same holds true for our environment. We should learn to do without immoderate ambition, violence and intolerance. If we can do all of these the world would be a far better place.

3. What will you be doing for Christmas this year?
For Christmas this year, as usual, I will be spending the holidays with my family. I’m sure that my position as mayor will overtake me, be it that I read the wish list to the Three Kings, or share a toast with the employees at the town hall for the holidays.

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