Ibiza’s Topless fire brigade

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While the idea is admittedly no longer novel, the ends justify the means on Ibiza too. Almost all of the fire brigades on the island allowed themselves to be photographed by Oscar Munar for a glossy 2009 calendar. A portion of the proceeds will be going to private aid agencies like the Cancer Fund on Ibiza and Formentera.

At the introduction of the calendar in mid-November the bomberos made no secret of the fact that a large part of the proceeds will be going to cover costs for another cause – nine of their colleagues will be participating in the Police and Firemen’s World Game this coming August in Vancouver in Canada.

ibiza's fire brigadeThe sizzling hot calendar, which costs 8 euros, is already especially popular with female firemen fans. The presentation event on the horse trotting race track in Sant Rafel was packed, creating long delays. One somewhat older woman bought eight copies of the first edition of 3,000. We need hardly explain that the almost thirty, mainly younger men who posed for the photos were mostly sparsely clothed.

The photos contain many gleaming bodies that have apparently seen plenty of time in the gym between deployments. Photographer Munar mixed scenes of the everyday with no small portion of humour. The June photo, for example, shows a fire engine heading out to a call with a fireman still soapy from the shower wearing nothing but a tiny towel around his hips running after the vehicle. “We had a lot of fun at the shooting,” said fireman Juan Carlos Torres, “but we were freezing cold.”

The calendar can be purchased at the Island Council office on Avenida Espana in Ibiza town or through the fire brigade’s Internet site (www.bomberosdeibiza.es).

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