Farmers Fiesta in Ibiza

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Can Caus open day, when we all get to see where the animals all live and how well kept they all are.
We saw the big spaces provided for the goat and sheep herds, but we’d arrived at feeding time so they all had their heads in the trough and were consequently far less interested in running away from humans than usual.

Elsewhere were numerous pens with a multitude of other species including a selection of podencos, for those looking to control the rabbit population on their personal mountainside, or perhaps a peacock to decorate the front lawn and act as a guard ‘dog’.

Suitably impressed we joined the island’s great and good and the local politicians to sample the fare in the packed restaurant. The menu, unsurprisingly, revolves around a combination of the grill and most of the animals we’ve spent the last hour stroking and making animal noises where we joined by Vaughan (funky room) who told us about his new Funkt night at Aura which starts this coming Saturday – while Mike from Manumission took his kids to see the animals.

I opt for the solomillo, as looking least like a little furry animal, whilst my companion scours the menu for vegetarian options.

We haven’t been to church as last night the clocks went back, so nobody really knew what time it was. By the look of the rest of our companions overflowing the restaurant and surrounding terraces, most people had worked out that Sunday best and farmyards don’t mix well.
Today the Farmer’s Fair took precedence…

Some photos from the day, click on the images for larger versions.

farm festival farm festival
farm festival farm festival
farm festival farm festival
farm festival farm festival
farm festival farm festival

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