International Music Summit Audio and Video finally online ?

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We found this on youtube – rather ironic since 3 days after the IMS we put up a 30 second audio clip of the club panel, we were asked to take it down.

(we have nothing to do with this video)

club panelAfter harrasing the IMS all summer, according to an email from one of the IMS organisers received this morning, they will finally release video and podcasts:

“We will release audio and video of the event imminently.”

That’ll be at least four months after the event actually took place then…

This has been on the IMS website since around July:

“Watch all of the IMS:08 panels. You can pay-per-view at 2,00euros per movie (lasting approximately 45 mins) or alternatively pay 10,00euros to view them all.”

the videos you can pay to download when it becomes available. No sign of audio links yet though.

We did offer to do podcasts of the panels for free back in May and have them on the net the next day… We can only assume they have had some solid commercial reason for the 4 month delay… but at least people will finally be able to hear the historic occasion when the clubs and government met for the first time in public, albiet for a fee.

Our blog coverage of the 3 day ims is here

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