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The Island Council now know what the populace think about local transport, municipal planning, shopping possibilities and environmental protection – for the majority of these topics they would pull out a red card to show to the council. However, when the questions were about quality of life, the health system and public sports facilities they get praised. These were the results of a survey of 1,502 people over 16 years of age sponsored by the Island Council.

General secretary Francesc Medina (Social Democrat, PSOE) presented the results saying, “In the future we will regularly be asking the citizens their opinion.” They are planning to use the information to assist in policy planning.

Island residents excoriated public transport on the island, with 67.3 percent of the residents of Sant Joan calling the bus services ‘inadequate’. Sant Antoni’s residents were the happiest with bus services on the island, but even there a majority of 50.6 percent rated the bus service ‘inadequate’.

Across all of the municipalities only 5.1 percent rated the services as ‘very good’. All transportation received similar rankings, including connections by ship and plane. 52.4 percent of those questioned found service to the island ‘inadequate’ while only 4.8 percent rated them as ‘very good’.

Respondents across the island were also very critical of municipal planning over the past few years. Those in Sant Josep were especially critical of the island’s massive construction works, where 56.2 percent were ‘very dissatisfied’ with local planning. Residents of Sant Joan were a bit kinder on this issue. While only a very few (7.8 percent) are ‘very satisfied’ with planning on the island, with 36.2 percent far fewer rated it in the worst category ‘very dissatisfied’ compared to other island areas.

Retailers on the island also received their come-uppance. Island wide 43.2 percent of respondents rated shopping options on the island as ‘unsatisfactory’. Just 6.4 percent of island residents gave this topic the best rating of ‘very satisfactory’. Surprisingly, the highest percentage of best ratings on this topic came from the residents of Sant Joan, who are not exactly spoilt for choices in their region.

Sant Joan also gave top marks on the topic of environmental protection. 13.4 percent of respondents gave their local municipality the best rating ‘very satisfied’. In Sant Antoni and Eivissa only 4.2 percent gave their local governments this rating. 47.7 percent of Sant Antoni’s residents are ‘dissatisfied’ with local efforts.

Eivissa received the worst ratings for tidiness on the streets. Almost half (48.7 percent) of respondents are ‘dissatisfied’ with municipal efforts to keep the streets and public plazas clean. Just 5.8 percent responded with ‘very satisfied’ on this topic. The clear winner in this area was Santa Eularia. Only 21 percent gave the worst rating ‘dissatisfied’, while 10.8 percent are ‘very satisfied’.

Asked about the problem areas on the island in general, respondents first mentioned the transport problems as seen above, followed by the high cost of living, the precarious labour market with many temporary job contracts and massive construction on the island. ‘Tourism’ was placed ninth among problem areas on the island, however it cannot be stated with any certainty if respondents meant the current crisis in the sector, or if the many visitors to the island are perceived as a nuisance.

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