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Halloween at XTU

October 31st, 2008

We’ve gone out to see our good friends Katy and Volver play at XTU in Santa Eulalia

photo posted from my iPhone

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Tonights Ibiza Sunset video

October 30th, 2008

tonights ibiza sunset video:

Music is from Lenny Ibizarre from his new double album called “Selected Sessions” – Which you can buy from our online store here: This is from the chill cd.

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IMS videos finally online

October 29th, 2008

After FIVE months the IMS have finally put up videos of most of the panels at the international music summit in Ibiza back in May. After 4 months of saying that you’d have to pay for them and 4 months of us whinging to them about that and when are they going to go up, surprisingly theyve actually put them up for free.

Unfortunately they havent used current techniques to make them available for easy download – ie using bit torrent – so you would normally have to sit there while 100mb to 240mb flv files stream to your pc or mac but with a little knowledge you can download them to your mac or pc so you can watch them when you want to.

Strangley though, arguably the most attended, lively and interesting panel footage is not available – namely the clubs panel where all the main clubs and a representative of the government met for the first time in public… wonder why ?

right click and “save as” or “save target as” on the following links to save them to your hard drive. You can get a free FLV player here.

IMS:08 Key Note: Andrew Keen

IMS:08 Key Note: Francois Kevorkian

IMS:08 Q&A: David Glick, Edge
(Interviewed by Pete Tong)

IMS:08 Q&A: Jonas Tempel, Beatport

IMS:08 Key Note: Sarah Tinsley, Natasha Kizzie & Dan O’Neill. Bacardi / KLP / Groove Armada.




(yes that is how they’ve spelt anthem… ps they may rename it)


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Pete Tong Interview

October 27th, 2008

Pete Tong Exclusive Interview

Our gorgeous friend Cila spoke to Pete Tong recently and gave us this exclusive interview.

pete tongHis name has entered the language as rhyming slang for “wrong” but things couldn’t be more right for DJ, impresario and all-around Ibiza legend Pete Tong. At the beginning of the season all the island was a-twitter over his defection from Pacha to San An gin palace Eden. And when people weren’t gossiping about his new night – Wonderland – they were discussing the inaugural International Music Summit, headed up by Tong. Now, as we survey the end of season, it seems only fitting to return to the man who defined the beginning of summer 2008 to fi nd out if it lived up to all its promise.

Pete Tong is a passionate advocate for club culture in general and Ibiza in particular, and brings to the scene a balanced, thoughtful view. He’s seen all the ups, downs and sideways moves of 20 years of rave culture. And he never stops thinking about how to embrace change and progress. We were delighted to get his views on all things Ibicenco…

You started the season with the IMS – what did it mean to you?

We dreamed it up on the terrace at Pacha a couple of years ago and the partners (including Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, et al) were
a little frustrated last summer that we hadn’t got it off the ground. We realised no one was going to come and make it easy for us, so we went for it. The months leading up to it were totally focused on getting it to happen. When we were actually stood at Atzaro the first day we thought ‘wow.’ It was brilliant. It couldn’t have gone any better.

Will it be back next year?

Definitely. It will be the same time – the Wednesday to Friday before Space opening in May. We’ll be announcing ticket prices soon
and they’ll be on sale in the next few weeks.

Will there be major changes?

The format won’t be significantly different, but there will be evolution on several levels. We want to keep it intimate, but increase the size from about 300 to 500.

This year we didn’t have the infrastructure to do follow up, to really reinforce the message, so we’d like to do more of that. Also, we’re working to make it more Spanish, more Euro-centric.

What feedback did the IMS receive from the government?

Paco Medina was impressed with the professionalism of the whole thing. He thought it promoted a good image of the industry. He
was very complimentary. We would like [the government] to embrace us, we want them to feel we’re doing something positive for
the island.

pete tongAnd what of your big move from Pacha to Eden? Did Wonderland go to plan?

It’s been an amazing challenge and I’m very happy. I feel almost 100% vindicated. I stuck my neck out and we’ve done well. You
just couldn’t beat the vibe in the middle of the dancefloor. It was incredible.

What are the biggest differences between Wonderland and Pure Pacha?

I find the biggest challenge is getting people to try Wonderland. I’ve been more successful than I thought I’d be at getting familiar faces from Pacha to come over. Eden has worked hard to accommodate what we wanted to do, but they’ve also taught me about
what it takes to sell tickets in San An. Pacha operates on a different plane from other clubs. They lure the boat and private jet people.

In San An it’s different. You have to work on the street level. But it’s been nice to get compliments from the Pacha people – they’ve been very sweet.

Who were your stand-out guests at Wonderland?

We had Deadmau5 doing his first big Ibiza show and Eden turned out to be a great venue for live bands like The Whip and Pnau.
That’s an element we’d like to continue with next year.

Much was made of you going ‘down market’ to San An – what is your view on the city?

My feeling is that if you give a better product this place will change. People have traded on the existing infrastructure for too long. There hasn’t been much investment, it hasn’t been upgraded. I’d love to see it evolve. It’s not so different from Playa d’en Bossa and in some respects it is much more beautiful. It is an amazing place, you’re just fighting a perception that it is dominated by the English. I just want San An to get better, to continue the regeneration that’s come with Ibiza Rocks, Savannah, Kanya…

How was the Radio 1 Weekend in August?

Fantastic. However, San An is a frustration for Radio 1 because they’ve brought an awful lot to Ibiza and it felt as if the local authorities were quite heavy handed. The Weekend went great, but we had to do it on their terms. We ended up doing most of the shows from the Ibiza Rocks hotel. We would have loved to have done something at Mambo or Cafe del Mar…

pete tongWhat’s your perception of the season as a whole, and the economic health of Ibiza?

No one has any control over the state of the world’s finances and the fallout to our tourist numbers. You can only pray Ibiza stays attractive enough to get our audience back next year. The reality is that it’s a very competitive island.

What can we do? Just do our best. Put on our best show. Offer better value for money. The things that have been good have been really good this summer. Cocoon has had a great year, David Guetta going weekly at Pacha worked, Space has stayed strong. It’s not all doom and gloom.

Clubs are very expensive. Do you think the prices have to drop?
I’d like to see consistency. Ticket prices seem to fluctuate like share prices. Every week it’s different, which is very confusing for the punter. Is it going to be a €40 night? Free? €70?

What about the effect of the changes in the afterhours laws?

It is hard to separate out how much of a negative the changes have been versus the natural decline because of the economy. Ibiza is expensive, for the English crowd in particular. However, people who came had a great year. Unfortunately the perception outside
the island was that it wasn’t a great year because clubs were shut and there was no daytime dancing. It’s hard to know what the fallout of that will be.

I said to Paco Medina: I think killing daytime clubbing is really, really bad. Let it happen on the weekends, or when school is out, or even just in July and August, but don’t stop it completely. It should have been allowed to continue.

Do you think DC10 will be open next year?
From what I hear, it won’t be. But it continues to defy everything. I don’t think anybody wants to see it go. It’s part of the history of the island. Everybody supports (Circoloco promoter) Andrea.

Every year some city or night spot is branded ‘the new Ibiza’ is there a new Ibiza?

Maybe it would be good if there were. Competition could be a good thing. You can’t rest on your laurels. That being said, I can’t
think of any other place that has the infrastructure Ibiza has.

pete tongFor the first time in a long time there will be direct flights to Ibiza during the winter months and various island insiders are working to promote winter tourism. Are you involved in that?

No. But I would be if they asked me. Anything that promotes Ibiza and brings people here in the winter is a good thing. Ibiza is a stunningly beautiful place. There is a lot to enjoy during the winter.

What are your plans for the winter?

I’m off to America for two weeks in October, then India, and at the end of the year Central America, Columbia, Miami, and Brazil for carnival. I’d also like to play more in Europe. I want to do things that will help set up next year [in Ibiza]. I’m a fidget. I’m impatient. I want everything to be brilliant! Wonderland was busy, but we can squeeze in a few more people next year.

What word would you use to describe summer ’08?

Wonderful. It’s been a great year. When you’re doing well it’s hard to challenge yourself, but sometimes it’s good to change. Five years of Pure Pacha was fantastic, I want it to remain as a great memory. But I’m not getting any younger and I want to do new things. I want to make a contribution to Ibiza. Everyone close to me thought I was insane, but I’ve pulled it off. It feels great.

Interview by Cila

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Farmers Fiesta in Ibiza

October 27th, 2008

Can Caus open day, when we all get to see where the animals all live and how well kept they all are.
We saw the big spaces provided for the goat and sheep herds, but we’d arrived at feeding time so they all had their heads in the trough and were consequently far less interested in running away from humans than usual.

Elsewhere were numerous pens with a multitude of other species including a selection of podencos, for those looking to control the rabbit population on their personal mountainside, or perhaps a peacock to decorate the front lawn and act as a guard ‘dog’.

Suitably impressed we joined the island’s great and good and the local politicians to sample the fare in the packed restaurant. The menu, unsurprisingly, revolves around a combination of the grill and most of the animals we’ve spent the last hour stroking and making animal noises where we joined by Vaughan (funky room) who told us about his new Funkt night at Aura which starts this coming Saturday – while Mike from Manumission took his kids to see the animals.

I opt for the solomillo, as looking least like a little furry animal, whilst my companion scours the menu for vegetarian options.

We haven’t been to church as last night the clocks went back, so nobody really knew what time it was. By the look of the rest of our companions overflowing the restaurant and surrounding terraces, most people had worked out that Sunday best and farmyards don’t mix well.
Today the Farmer’s Fair took precedence…

Some photos from the day, click on the images for larger versions.

farm festival farm festival
farm festival farm festival
farm festival farm festival
farm festival farm festival
farm festival farm festival

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Cancer fundraising party tomorrow

October 25th, 2008

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Tonights Ibiza Sunset Video – 24-10-08

October 24th, 2008

Tonights ibiza sunset video:

Music is from Lenny Ibizarre from his new double album called “Selected Sessions” – Which you can buy from our online store here: This is from the chill cd.

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Ibiza NOW November cover

October 24th, 2008

Novembers’ edition of the Ibiza NOW Magazine has been finished and is off to the printers – here’s Novembers front cover.

We interviewed the head of The Hoteliers Association, there’s a report on Ryan Air and winter tourism, Pena Deportiva, – Santa Eulalia’s football team, rural Ibiza restaurants and a report of the early October storms as well as all the usual news, articles and reports about Ibiza and Formentera. Out on 1st Novemember.

If you want a copy delievered to your own door you can subscribe online at

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British Consulate Open Day

October 23rd, 2008

It’s a hard life…. This lunchtime we went to the British Consulate for their open day. We met the new vice-consul Maria Leng as well as the Ibiza team of Raquel de la Osa (pro consul) and Jessica Fernandez and Sharon Hodges, the consular assistants. A very pleasant lunchtime drinking cava and wine and eating nibbles.

Left to Right: Sharon Hodges, Maria Leng, Helen Watson (MBE, British Consul), Raquel de la Osa

Bob “The Vicar”

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Casi Todo Auction on Saturday

October 22nd, 2008

From Casi Todo:

Last week we emptied a quality house in Cala Vadella. The contents are very varied & very interesting.
Among 300 lots or so there are many garden artifacts, around 30 urns, statues, furniture, etc. there are some gorgeous pieces from Morocco, lamps, mosaic tables, chairs, etc. Sofas in rattan, one in leather (wonderful!), country Ibicenco table & chairs, ceramics from China, 18th Cent French chest of drawers, complete bedroom suite & the most extraordinary Chinese double bed complete with Dragons!

Lots of paintings (Antonio Villanueva, Andres Monreal, Prometti, Bombolo etc), plus a magnificent 2 seater 280 SL Mercedes sports Pagoda from 1969, a Fiat 500 1971 (a little jewel!), a Porsche 911 Gorgeous!) and a Mercedes 280 Coupe. (A lovely car which is priced to sell) Don’t hesitate, this is a good one!

25th OCTOBER, SATURDAY FROM 10.30 – 13.30 Hrs
VIEWING FRIDAY 10.30 -19 Hrs

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