Ibiza plans to modernise the two historic markets

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Ibiza towns’ authorities are planning to modernise the two historic markets, Mercat Vell (the Old Market) and sa Peixateria (the Fish Market). Both are located just a few metres away from one another in the La Marina harbour quarter at the foot of the ramp to the fortified city.

mercat vell, ibiza
Mercat Vell

While the Mercat Vell still has about half a dozen stands that sell fruit and vegetables at the moment, the sa Peixateria has been neglected for years. The city authorities only open the heavy iron doors into the tiled interior of the market a few times a year, at most.

The restoration project will give the two markets a more modern polish and return them to the residents of the city quarter. Upon announcement of the plans Mayor Lurdes Costa said, “We have three goals with this project. We hope to provide the residents with the opportunity to buy high quality produce in their neighbourhood, the markets should attract more tourists and, last but not least, we want to provide better sales opportunities for traditional island products.”

fish market, ibiza
Fish Market

The director, Alvaro Curiel, believes that the project will cost approximately 3 million euros. Curiel said, “At the moment we’re still working on the first draft of the concept.” Before the concept can be translated into concrete construction plans it will have to be approved by the commission for the protection of historic sites.

Mayor Costa further stated that they will also be applying for funds for the project from the Spanish Ministry for Housing, saying, “We hope that Madrid will cover up to half of the costs of the project.” Residents of La Marina saw the project in a positive light. They pointed out that, with respect to the city authorities, they’ve been advocating better use of the potential of the two markets, both of which are steeped in tradition, for years.

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