Las Dalias – New Acoustic album

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lasdalias.jpgFrom Las Dalias’ Myspace page – we echo the sentiments completely…

It’s happening! This week we receive the new album!

Las Dalias is about to take a step in a direction hitherto untravelled on this sunny isle…. “Acoustic Ibiza” will allow itself to swerve away from the ever more decrepit pitfall of electronic swill that has progressively inundated the island since the rise of Clubbing some 20 years back…. Strange to find that “modern” is really “back to the Roots” and viceversa…A full circle has taken us back to the days of musicianship once more….

“Acoustic Ibiza” is the first Ibizan album to hide the mouse and mousepad in the backroom and allow instrumentists to sit in the parlour with the Sunday crockery….The artists involved are real and visible, they all belong to the musical family of Las Dalias. They play live and are bigger than life more often than not… Yep! These are songs folks, not just tracks….

Often the textures of the songs are rough as the rocks at Aguas Blancas, sometimes as colourful as the red earth here in the “hood” in San Carlos, sometimes as poignant as a violet daybreak over the bay of San Vicente….appropriately so, Ibiza is this and much more. Those of us that camp on beyond the last Easyjet of October, have felt the gentle breeze of autumn running chill down our backs as the sun disappears over Benirras.

God what it’s like to love Ibiza….!!

Further info on the album shortly….

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One Response to “Las Dalias – New Acoustic album”

  1. Julien Peeters Says:

    Hello, where can I buy this CD. I have bought another CD many years ago, but unfortunately I had to give this one to one of my girlfriends, so now I have nothing …… So PLEASE if you can direct me to a website or a company where I can buy these Las Dalias cd’s , I would be very thankfull.

    Julien Peeters ( Julio Pedro )