Ibiza Moon Rises

June 22nd, 2008 - 3:11 pm Posted in ibiza, iphone, mangos beach bar, moon rise, moonrise | Comments (0)

We’ve done the Ibiza sunsets, sunrises and now “moonrises”…

We were talking to a friend who works at Mango’s Beach bar and he was saying that at full moon time, in the evening you get a great view of the moon coming out of the sea. So since the euro 2008 was on and he reckoned the moon would rise around full time we duly decided to combine both. As it turned out the moon started to appear at 11.45pm and was blood red:



A few minutes later



The horizontal light on the horizon was a ship going past

And the iphone plug: us checking the footy reports on bbc.co.uk using their free wifi..

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