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Salinas is one of the best known and most popular beaches on Ibiza, and rightly so.
The vast expanse of sand is almost completely covered in sun bathers throughout the summer months.


Looking for a place to get away from it all at the height of the summer season? Want to escape from the hordes that have taken over the beaches and find your own little hideaway by the sea? No problem: just grab a packed lunch and a bottle of water, slip into some comfortable shoes and head out to discover the eastern section of the beach by the salt flats.

It’s not a particularly short walk but you won’t get lost en route. Just follow the beach towards Torre de Ses Portes. This part of the coast is breathtakingly beautiful and unspoilt: full of strange rock formations and tiny bays surrounded by cliffs.

The straits of Es Freus and Formentera seem so close that you could reach out and touch them. Seagulls circle in the blue sky, the cicadas chirp and the air is filled with the perfume of juniper and rosemary. It’s a real treat for the senses.

SalinasIf you feel like venturing further out to the watchtower, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of Es Cavallet beach. Treat yourself to a swim in the cool waters of the sea and enjoy the peace and quiet. No one cares whether you’ve packed your swimming gear or not, but please don’t forget: you are in a nature reserve so please don’t litter and when you’re walking in the dunes, be sure to keep to the existing paths!

Malibu, located towards the western end of the beach, is one of the most popular hangouts in the south of the island for celebrities and big hitters. It offers a unique view of the sea while the nearby buildings that house the salt works in the tiny village of Sa Canal provide rustic charm.


But if you opt to walk a little further down the beach towards Sa Canal, you will discover a rather less exclusive but still charming and much more personal atmosphere. It is amazingly peaceful, too. Here, at the end of the beach, you will find the C. C. Cats water sports centre, a small sailing club that does more that just tend to its members’ catamarans. Water sports fans can hire a catamaran, a surfboard or a canoe. Beginners can enrol on a course.

For example the well known Spanish basketball trainer, Manel Comas, who has been a regular visitor to Ibiza for 30 years and stops off at C. C. Cats to take his catamaran out for a spin.

As we said before, the air around the Malibu bar is guaranteed to be thick with celebrities.

Sa TrinxaThe Jockey Club on Ses Salines beach is where the in-crowd meet up. This beach location is just as popular with the locals as it is with the tourists. It may not be as exclusive as Malibu, but the visitors have style.

Julio Lanzoni and his son Oscar have been running the beach bar for more than 15 years. Guests can enjoy a selection of Mediterranean dishes, a good wine, freshly squeezed juice or a fruity cocktail.
The people on the beach in front of the bar like to round off their bikinis and swimsuits with a little jewellery, but there are also lots of youngsters and well known faces from the Ibiza scene out there, too. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. People are free to be themselves. Snobs are not welcome here.
The Jockey Club is a great place to enjoy a day out at the beach and chill out to the sound of good music with a magnificent view of the deep blue sea and the neighbouring island of Formentera.

At the far end of the beach is another chiringuito with a very different character.
Do you know those holiday series on TV? You know, the one where the presenter sends a group off to some location and each of them has to plan the perfect day out for the rest of the group? It’s a pretty international format and at some point, a TV crew was dispatched with a team of contestants to visit Ibiza.
All of the participants wanted to prove just how cool they were and how well they knew the island: and one person in particular wanted to show off his skills as a real connoisseur who knows where all the best daytime parties are to be found.

SalinasSo he carted his companions and film crew off to the gorgeous white sandy beach at Ses Salines to visit the traditional beach bar of Sa Trincha. The place was packed, with loud lounge music playing out on the terrace and the beach. The customers were a colourful, international bunch and were having a whale of a time. There was plenty of naked skin to be seen, as well as bright beach outfits, chilled drinks and gyrating hips. In short, the place was rocking and the sea view was amazing. You really got the impression that this was where to meet the people in the know.

The only problem that day’s tour leader had overlooked was that you need to book your table in advance. What did he expect: that the Sa Trincha staff would roll out the red carpet as soon as they spotted a TV camera? In any case, he learnt his lesson.

The group were forced to hang around until a table became available, which was quite a while, because Sa Trincha customers are there to have fun and are in no rush to vacate their seats…

How to get there: take the Ses Salines/Es Cavallet exit from the main road from Eivissa to the airport, then follow the signposts. Look for a parking space by the roundabout or use the pay and display car park.

Tomorrow’s Ibiza beach is San Antonio

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