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With the International Music Summit going on we’ve neglected the Ibiza beaches series – so here’s the latest in the series.

Punta GaleraPunta GaleraDo you enjoy natural stretches of coast without sandy beaches, without comfortable loungers and loud bars? Do you yearn for the romantic and prefer peace and quiet to hurly burly?

Then Punta Galera on Ibiza’s west coast could be the perfect place for you. During the high season you certainly won’t be alone on Punta Galera, but your companions will be here for the same reasons, and you certainly won’t be fighting the crowds.

Off in the distance you can see Conejera Island and the deep, crystal clear waters promise welcome coolness.

Over the course of centuries Mother Nature has created a number of flat rocks of various heights where you can make yourself comfortable. In the nineties this rough rocky beach was a favourite meeting place for the party crowd.

If you had been at one of the legendary full moon parties in the west of the island it was a certainty you’d be celebrating the coming of the new day with them here.

Punta GaleraIn those days you could often be sure to have this place all to yourself, but Punta Galera is, like many of those long-lost places on the island, now well known. There have even been film scenes shot here.

While with increasing popularity there are more visitors these days, the configuration of the rocks is such that you can still find a secluded spot.

The descent down to the plateau is not terribly difficult, but be sure to wear some comfortable shoes with good soles and take everything you’ll need for a day on the beach e.g. water, snacks and sunscreen or an umbrella or hat.

To get there from Sant Antoni head towards Santa Agnes and then follow the signs to the left.

When the paved road turns into a bumpy camino you are best advised to park your car and walk the rest of the way.

Next Ibiza beach is S’Argamassa

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