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Although there is still tonights party at Pikes Hotel, Ibiza Rocks Hotel opening party tomorrow, Pacha and Space its been hugely interesting 3 days at the International Music Summit. Today saw the heavyweights of the majors at the “IMS Think Tank”. The 6 panelists had spent the previous 4 days “locked” in a room and discussing the future.

What came out of it was, we think, that essentially artists, managers, labels and publishers have to think “brand”. On one side of the panel was Ralf Luelsdorf from T-Mobile, Ross McGregor, Sony Computer Ents Europe and Roger Wade, Brands Inc – on the other side representing the “established/traditional” music industry were Kim De Ruiter, Mercury Records, Marcel Eingh, Sony BMG Int and Cleo Willraf, Universal Publishing and moderated by Bobby Simms of Popshop Entertainment and Universal Music. The overriding factor was that both sides need to develop partnerships and not go for the one off deals.

Pete Tong was then interviewed by Ben Turner and basically gave a mini life history and told some interesting stories about his time at London Records and the subsequent sale to Warners, life at Radio 1 and how he started in dj’ing.

We really hope the IMS make all the panel discussions available on podcasts as they will give a really good insight into the music industry and not just the dance music side.

Overall we think it ended up being more about the music business as it is now rather than specifically about dance music… We’re very glad we could attend – thanks to Jasmine, Kate and everyone at the IMS.

Some pictures from today: (click on images for larger versions)

International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
IMS Think Tank Pete being interviewed by Ben Turner
International Music Summit International Music Summit
The closing comments The lovely Daisy Heartbreaker founder of the Rock Nights that will take place at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel – more info at

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