Moon Beach – 110 Ibiza Beaches

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Moon Beach
This mystical, or mythical, spot is hard to find. It’s not only hard to find, it’s also hard to get to, so only the most determined explorer should attempt this route.

Take the C-733 from Eivissa towards San Joan, but take the turning towards Portinatx before you reach San Joan. From this turning follow the road over and down the other side of the mountain for 1.8 km turning left at the ‘es Calo de S’Illa’ signpost, which shows two people hiking, suitably attired.

Moon BeachThe reason for this becomes apparent later! Follow this road for another 1.3 km taking the left hand fork at the turn to Xarraca. 800 metres further on the tarmac stops and the road rapidly degenerates into a very rough camino.

1.5 km later, if you haven’t had a puncture by now, you’ll find a flat area which is suitable for parking, and to your right you will see your goal. After another 300 metres you reach a hairpin bend with enough room for anyone daft enough to have continued on in their vehicle to turn around, in trepidation at the prospect of retracing their route.

Those of us on foot will notice a small blue arrow beneath the dominant pine tree pointing into a small wood.

Moon Beach Normally one would say “just follow the arrows”, but on this occasion the wood is criss-crossed with paths, but has steep cliffs to either side, which funnel you towards your destination.

As you leave the wood you find yourself on a plateau overlooking a peninsula that ends in an imposing horseshoe shaped island, which appears to have been thoughtlessly lobbed into the sea by a passing giant.

Moon Beach
Before this lies a mass of twisted lava, which you can descend to down a tortuous path covered in treacherous slippery pebbles.

Once again the way down is marked by a blue arrow and if you survive that descent at the bottom you’ll find yourself in a lunar landscape with two tiny disappointing beaches to your left.

Just as well you enjoyed the walk then? If you are fortunate enough to possess a GPS tracking device you can download the GPS file to your PDA or GPS device and follow this route using your pointer.

The download is moonbeach.gps

Tomorrow’s beach is Niu Blau

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