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Es Bol Nou

Ibiza Beaches – Es Bol Nou beach

If you’re not on the beach, which is lovely in the summer, you’ll probably be visiting one of the few chiringuitos that stay open throughout the winter.

The wooden floorboards and wall paneling, complemented by a bamboo ceiling and decorated with dozens of exotic seashells, create a perfect if slightly sophisticated ambience, reinforced by tasteful background music. The service is unobtrusive and perfectly timed out of season, when typically only half of the tables are occupied at any one time.

Es Bol NouThe quality of the furniture is impressive and their “aquarium” remains available to diners throughout the winter, guaranteeing a regular flow of local businessmen. This despite the fact that there is no population centre within miles of this almost unspoilt locality. Whenever we invite anyone for lunch we always suggest either Es Boldado by Cala D’Hort or Sa Caleta here.

People are prepared to travel to enjoy lunch at the ‘Sa Caleta’ restaurant, beside the beautiful beach which, according to the maps, is called ‘Playa Es Bol Nou’. However, the only signposts refer to it as ‘Sa Caleta’, which is actually the name of the beach restaurant – so follow those.

In between the airport and Cala Jondal, this beach is found by following the road from the airport towards San Jose. After one kilometer there is a left turning signposted Cala Jondal, follow this road for about four kilometers to the signposted left turning.

When it’s nice you can enjoy lunch on the outside terrace above the beach and watch distant planes bringing in those few discerning winter visitors who know the pleasures of Ibiza “out of season”.

The restaurant specializes in fish – of the 73 dishes on offer, only a dozen do not include fish!
Upon arrival we watched a client and his lunch being formally introduced, although the lobster in question was struggling to escape from the slippery white plate upon which he was being presented.

Es Bol NouBefore or after dining the beach is a natural stretch of fine sand about 100 metres long sloping gently down to the shallow sea, which makes it particularly popular with the locals. Those with young children choose it as it is well protected from the wind by cliffs, which wrap around both sides to meet the horizon.

Tomorrow’s ibiza beach is the popular faily resort of Es Cana

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