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IMS final pictures

May 30th, 2008

Although there is still tonights party at Pikes Hotel, Ibiza Rocks Hotel opening party tomorrow, Pacha and Space its been hugely interesting 3 days at the International Music Summit. Today saw the heavyweights of the majors at the “IMS Think Tank”. The 6 panelists had spent the previous 4 days “locked” in a room and discussing the future.

What came out of it was, we think, that essentially artists, managers, labels and publishers have to think “brand”. On one side of the panel was Ralf Luelsdorf from T-Mobile, Ross McGregor, Sony Computer Ents Europe and Roger Wade, Brands Inc – on the other side representing the “established/traditional” music industry were Kim De Ruiter, Mercury Records, Marcel Eingh, Sony BMG Int and Cleo Willraf, Universal Publishing and moderated by Bobby Simms of Popshop Entertainment and Universal Music. The overriding factor was that both sides need to develop partnerships and not go for the one off deals.

Pete Tong was then interviewed by Ben Turner and basically gave a mini life history and told some interesting stories about his time at London Records and the subsequent sale to Warners, life at Radio 1 and how he started in dj’ing.

We really hope the IMS make all the panel discussions available on podcasts as they will give a really good insight into the music industry and not just the dance music side.

Overall we think it ended up being more about the music business as it is now rather than specifically about dance music… We’re very glad we could attend – thanks to Jasmine, Kate and everyone at the IMS.

Some pictures from today: (click on images for larger versions)

International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
IMS Think Tank Pete being interviewed by Ben Turner
International Music Summit International Music Summit
The closing comments The lovely Daisy Heartbreaker founder of the Rock Nights that will take place at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel – more info at

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Pete Tong closes the IMS

May 30th, 2008

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Punta Galera – 110 Ibiza Beaches

May 30th, 2008

With the International Music Summit going on we’ve neglected the Ibiza beaches series – so here’s the latest in the series.

Punta GaleraPunta GaleraDo you enjoy natural stretches of coast without sandy beaches, without comfortable loungers and loud bars? Do you yearn for the romantic and prefer peace and quiet to hurly burly?

Then Punta Galera on Ibiza’s west coast could be the perfect place for you. During the high season you certainly won’t be alone on Punta Galera, but your companions will be here for the same reasons, and you certainly won’t be fighting the crowds.

Off in the distance you can see Conejera Island and the deep, crystal clear waters promise welcome coolness.

Over the course of centuries Mother Nature has created a number of flat rocks of various heights where you can make yourself comfortable. In the nineties this rough rocky beach was a favourite meeting place for the party crowd.

If you had been at one of the legendary full moon parties in the west of the island it was a certainty you’d be celebrating the coming of the new day with them here.

Punta GaleraIn those days you could often be sure to have this place all to yourself, but Punta Galera is, like many of those long-lost places on the island, now well known. There have even been film scenes shot here.

While with increasing popularity there are more visitors these days, the configuration of the rocks is such that you can still find a secluded spot.

The descent down to the plateau is not terribly difficult, but be sure to wear some comfortable shoes with good soles and take everything you’ll need for a day on the beach e.g. water, snacks and sunscreen or an umbrella or hat.

To get there from Sant Antoni head towards Santa Agnes and then follow the signs to the left.

When the paved road turns into a bumpy camino you are best advised to park your car and walk the rest of the way.

Next Ibiza beach is S’Argamassa

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IMS, Ibiza and VITAL

May 29th, 2008

A good friend came up with this brilliant acronym: V.I.T.A.L which stands for Video, Images, Text, Audio, Links…

So here’s todays VITAL for the IMS

A brief look at synch or swim… (We also have 5 video interviews to follow – Danny Whittle as he explains the IMS, then 4 of the afternoons lively panel: Andy Mckay from Ibiza Rocks, Andrea Pelino from DC10, Daniel Magdalena from Amnesia and Paco Medina from the Ibiza Consel Insular.) – we also recorded on video the entire panel session…

IMS video of the Synch or Swin panel:

Images from today – (Click on any image for a larger 600px wide lightbox version) – In time order:

International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
Paco Medina – Ibiza Consel

The ‘Synch or Swim’ was fascinating. I’m sure people must realise that just selling physical (or even now digital) is not what the music industry only does – whether you are an independant, major label, solo artist, music publisher etc – getting your music out in other channels other than the high street has been something the industry has been doing for years but i think most people havent really acknowledged it – but its hugely important – and everyone gets affected it by whether they know it or not. So since i used to work in that field it was fascinating and hugely interesting – even though i left the business around 10 years ago.

We had to miss the middle section of the day but the one panel that stood out was the one at 5pm – ‘IBIZA: THE YEAR OF CHANGE? HOW IBIZA WILL RE-INVENT ITSELF IN 2008. OR NOT ‘. To say it was eagerly anticipated or packed would be an understatement..

The panel had basically every club owner (or representative) except el divino but also included Andy from ibiza rocks/manumission and most importantly Paco Medina from the Ibiza Consel. It was lively…. It was the first time they all had appeared at the same table in public. There were laughs, vigourous clapping, low and high points but hopefully I think everyone came away with understanding a little more clearly what the government is trying to do and what the clubs have to…

Tomorrow the panel we’re looking forward to is ‘Digital: Digitial Darwinism?':

This is our review:

The first Ibiza International Music Summit kicked off today at the sumptuous Atzaro country hotel near to Santa Eulalia and, fortunately, the recent rain held off so the spirits of those in attendance weren’t dampened…

The organizers’ opening speech acknowledged the fact that, for a first event, they had been amazed by the response, with music industry bigwigs flying in from all over the world.

They confided that they would have been happy with fifty at the first attempt.

The three hundred in attendance represented a sell-out, but were warned that this was a business opportunity – a rare chance to meet and exchange thoughts with some of the finest brains in the industry.

So we were all instructed to behave and pay attention till the big finale party on Friday night!

The first panel proved to be an exhibition of the collective wisdom assembled at this conference. We sat enthralled as expert publishers, music supervisors and managers discussed the future of electronic dance music in the face of the demise of the record industry, now confronted by the download generation.

Their suggestions included advertising jingles, film soundtracks and, interestingly, even video game soundtracks… like Grand Theft Auto. The picture that they painted looked very different to that familiar to Ibiza over the last two decades, and we were all left suitably thought-provoked.

The afternoon panel was the one that had been most eagerly awaited by those living on the island. It was to be a historic occasion as a representative from the government sat down with representatives from all from all of the big clubs, in public, for the first time ever!

The first speaker was the government spokesman, Paco Medina, who began by informing us all that he intended to speak Spanish, as a mark of respect to the local journalists present. Unfortunately his translator had failed to turn up, so we received a very brief resume of the government’s position on their decision to change the law on club opening hours, whilst he rambled on in Spanish clearly going into far more detail. Those of us, of the opinion that he intended to bluster on for the full hour scheduled for the panel, were escorted from the room…

Eventually the ‘Moderator’ cut him off and introduced the remaining members of the panel. Pacha, Amnesia, Space, Eden & Es Paradis were all represented, with Circo Loco and Ibiza Rocks thrown in as wild cards.

The early speakers took turns to promise publicly to obey the law, which they all agreed was good for the island, and everything appeared to be going swimmingly.

Until, totally unwittingly, Andrea Pelino of Circo Loco admitted that, in total honesty, Italians like to dance during the daytime, or as the sun rises out of the sea… which is why DC10 has been such a global success story over the last decade.
And hey! Their neighbours include a field full of melons and an airport runway?

The government’s argument that …. “the law had to be changed to protect elderly people and children on their way to school from meeting the summer guests, that have changed their island life so dramatically that many of them find themselves unusually rich” …. was beginning to look a bit ropey…

The assembled audience smelt blood and when Andy McKay of Ibiza Rocks stepped in, with a typically Mancunian slant on events, the room polarized. Whilst agreeing with the ‘party line’ that there had to be rules governing all of those in the market place to ensure a level playing field, he pointed out that the Ibiza music scene needed to change to take account of the fact that the next generation of kids don’t want to watch the DJs their parents like.

For this reason there will be illegal after-parties all over the island that will spawn the next generation of musical talent that will maintain the island’s unique musical credibility – and probably end up performing at the clubs currently throwing obstacles in there path to boot!

When the applause died down the audience cut in with a sequence of difficult questions about how the rest of the world would view these draconian changes, that cut against the free and tolerant image that Ibiza has created so effortlessly over decades?

It was, after all, a global audience entitled to ask – maybe even a little concerned with the lack of official clarification – who exactly this will affect, and how?

The applause built in direct proportion to each question, not only to the discomfort of the government representative, but also those from the big clubs, until Paco Medina, for the government, more or less admitted that they thought it might be a good idea, but at the moment it was sort of experimental – a sort of three year plan?

That, coincidentally, will be the time of the next election, by which time they may have destroyed the lifeblood of island tourism by driving away the young generation, or upset their own voters with falling revenues at their locally owned businesses.

Let’s hope that the government will continue with their brave initiative to sit around the table with the clubs and that all of the latter will be smart enough to prove that they’ve got the message from last year.
Perhaps by starting to apply respect for the law to their own activities, rather than seeking to use to prevent competition?

Then perhaps, using their wealth and favourable relationship with the new government, to further an initiative that was largely ignored this afternoon.
Paco alluded to a new government project being set up to encourage island residents of all ages to embrace and become part of the now well recognized phenomenon called ‘Ibiza artists’.

In musical terms the project involves making available the facilities and knowledge necessary to produce brilliant music. To this end the government is backing a project involving Sonica Radio alongside a number of other globally respected island icons, to generate more ‘Ibiza’ music.

Could it be that they’re not misguided after all – at the very least they’re leading by example and experimenting hand in hand with the experts that already operate in the field.

Could this be a learning curve for all involved…

P.S. The new opening laws won’t apply this weekend – lock up your daughters!

Podcast of the closing of the second panel of the day.


      International Music Summit club panel audio
(50 minutes, 47mb mp3)

Links :
international music summit (for the use of vital ;) )
and lenny cos he’s a good bloke

Here’s a link to the google map we did for the IMS

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Todays IMS review & update on IMS Closing party at Pikes Hotel

May 29th, 2008

Lenny Ibizarre will be playing at midnight at the end of the Pikes Hotel IMS party tomorrow – the line up looks like this:

20:00 Rob da Bank
20:20 Sportsday Megaphone – Live
20:45 Rob da Bank
21:05 Slagsmalsklubben – Live
21:30 Rob da Bank & Pete Tong
22:30 GoldFish – Live
23:00 Pete Tong
24:00 Lenny Ibizarre

One panel we’ll definitly be at tomorrow is

15:30 – 16:20 IMS Think Tank
Chairman: Bobby Sims, Popshop Ents / Universal Music
1 Kim De Ruiter, Mercury Records, UK Head of Commercial
2 Marcel Eingh, Sony BMG Int, VP Brand Partnerships
3 Ralf Luelsdorf, T-Mobile International Head of Music
4 Ross McGregor, Sony Computer Ents Europe
5 Roger Wade, Brands Inc
6 Cleo Willraf, Universal Publishing

Anyway – here’s our take on today:

Thursday began with another evocatively titled seminar:
“Cult of the Amateur”. Andrew Keen, the speaker and author of the book of the same name, is an internet entrepreneur and a brave visionary to set his stall out in front of such a large contingent of electronic music professionals, but he spoke from experience and with some authority, as a writer and analyst.

However, he clearly worried many of those present with his analysis of the role of the internet in destroying music industry income streams.

He began by recalling how the industry welcomed the net with open arms as a solution to the delivery problems for music – no physical product to manufacture, no delivery to myriad retail outlets and immediacy! But, er… no income stream.

In an attempt to solve that problem, the record companies united to crush the free music rebellion in the form of Napster. Keen described this as their Waterloo because that battle cost them the war when it spawned ‘peer to peer’ data exchange.

His argument arrived at the conclusion that nobody buys music any more – it’s free and freely available, so the only way to make money with music is through live performance. A good example might be the 500 million dollars earned by the Rolling Stones on their last tour, despite their new album bombing!

It seems somehow ironic that electronic music, which replaced live bands two decades ago, now finds itself being devoured by yet more electronic technology.

Andrew’s final point was that attending a live gig is quite different to listening to the music on your iPod, and people don’t mind paying if they’re having a good time…

The afternoon seminar was a somewhat subdued affair after the excitement of the previous afternoon. The audience were out in force, but the atmosphere felt a little negative as those present confessed to the fact that they often downloaded stuff for their own sets or to sample and were attempting to come to terms with having to distribute their own material at severely diminished prices and profit margins.

The morning message had clearly sunk in…

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Todays IMS, Ibiza photos

May 29th, 2008

Todays images so far

International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit
International Music Summit International Music Summit

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digital darwinism panel at the ims

May 29th, 2008

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ims after party at guarana tonight

May 29th, 2008

we’ve just been to the rescheduled “digital darwinism” panel at the fenicia hotel – the impression we got after the morning panel was that this one would refute andrew keens observations this morning… on the contrary… beatport seem to be the walmart or tesco’s of online sales

anyway, matt from layo and bushwacka will be playing down at guarana in santa eulalia tonight after the party at fenicia hotel later this evening

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Andrew Keen at IMS

May 29th, 2008

author of cult of the amateur is talking about the net and its role in the music business and how music is now essentially free – its ironic then that ive had to wait to get back to our local little bar with free wifi to send this. the 5 star fenicia hotel has wifi – but you have to pay for it….

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International Music Summit so far

May 28th, 2008

The highlight today has to be the “Ibiza: The Year Of Change” panel – with representatives of all the major clubs except for El Divino), Andy from Ibiza Rocks and Paco Medina representing the Government, it was always going to be a lively panel – and it didnt disappoint… We filmed the whole thing and also did some video interviews afterwards with Andrea Pelino from DC10, Andy Mckay from Ibiza Rocks/Manumission, Daniel Magdalena from Amnesia and Paco Medina from the Ibiza Consel Insular.

An extremely interesting day – overall though very positive…

Video’s, more pics etc to follow

And it’s Aura’s opening party tonight as well….

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