110 Ibiza Beaches – Cala Vadella

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You can hear the cars creaking and groaning as they drive over the sandy track through Cala Vadella.

Speed freaks might complain about the lack of tarmac, but romantics are delighted to discover that the main road through a tourist attraction has retained so much old world charm.

Cala VadellaOne thing’s for sure when taking the dirt track along the beach: drivers will have to slow down to a crawl!
Adults and children will be pleased to hear that they will not have to fear for their lives every time they make their way to the bars, restaurants and shops close to the beach.

Cala Vadella must have been breathtakingly beautiful before people started building in the bay. The coast has a raw, natural charm and the surrounding bluffs are topped with pine trees.

Cala Vadella
Sadly, the original beauty has been marred somewhat by a couple of truly hideous buildings, for which the construction companies, architects and planning officials should be sent to live on the moon.

We have Mother Nature to thank for the fact that the bay has managed to retain its natural beauty and romantic atmosphere: craggy precipices, a white sandy beach and a sea shimmering with ever-changing shades of blue. Cala Vadella is perfect for families with children.

Cala Vadella: located on the island’s south-west coast. Can be reached by taking the coastal road from Cala Tarida, or via Sant Josep. Follow the signposts.

Tomorrows beach is Cala Xarraca

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