110 Ibiza Beaches – Cala San Vicente

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If you’re a family with young children, you’ll probably know the usual procedure: no sooner have you arrived at the beach than one of the kids will want to go to the toilet, while the other starts clamouring for ice cream or lemonade.Cala San Vicente

To cut a long story short, families have different criteria for selecting a beach than singles or childless couples.

Mothers and fathers avoid craggy coastal spots and rocky, inaccessible bays like the plague. Beaches with no bars or supermarket facilities mean that they have to bring everything the children need with them – and the list can be a long one.

A logistical nightmare! Parents’ eyes light up when they see a soft, sandy beach where the “infrastructure” is just right. Cala Sant Vicent beach is one such location.

Cala San Vicente
The beach is clean, the sea is easily accessible, and showers, recliners and sun umbrellas are provided. There’s a supermarket on the tidy promenade and a range of bars and restaurants serving a wide variety of meals. Hamburgers and chips, spaghetti and pizza for the kids and fresh fish for mum and dad – a dream come true for any large family.

Cala San VicenteAlthough Cala Sant Vicent offers everything a tourist could wish for, it has also managed to retain its natural beauty – with the exception of one hideous hotel that was built here a few decades ago with no consideration for the surrounding bay.

On the left hand side, there are a few scattered fishermen’s cottages and the Punta Grossa hill with its villas, while off in the distance, the craggy island of Tagomago nestles in the sky-blue waters.

Cala Sant Vicent: located on the island’s north coast. Can be reached by taking the winding road from Sant Joan or Sant Carles.

Tomorrow’s Ibiza beach is Cala Tanit

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