110 Ibiza Beaches – Cala Saladita

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Cala SaladitaIt’s a simple equation and easy to follow, even for those who struggled through maths at school: the further away a beach is from the car park, the fewer people go there.
This is the case with Cala Saladita beach, a narrow, sandy bay that can be seen from the neighbouring bay of Cala Salada.

If you don’t just want to see the beach, but actually set foot upon it, you will have to be prepared to clamber over rocks and up hills to get there.

Before you decide to take on this rather gruelling challenge this summer, you should check that you are suitably equipped: do you have everything that you need for a beach that has no “tourist infrastructure” to speak of? We’re referring to the towel, drinks and a snack that you’ll need to take with you.

We also recommend taking a sun umbrella (shady spots are few and far between) and a snorkel. This will allow you to explore the amazing underwater world around this craggy part of the coast. Even experienced divers say that you will find marine creatures swimming around just under the surface here that you would usually have to dive much deeper to find.

So take a dip and look for the colourful fish, anemones, starfish, sea urchins and coral And don’t be surprised if you even see an octopus or two swimming by. Have fun!

Cala Saladita: the bay next to Cala Salada. Drive from Sant Antoni towards Santa Agnes and take a left at the signpost.
The road to the coast is narrow, so drive carefully!
Parking spaces can be hard to find in the summer season.

Tomorrow’s Ibiza beach is Cala San Vicente in the north

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