110 Ibiza Beaches – Cala Salada

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Cala SaladaJust north of San Antonio, and merely a difficult 2 hour walk along the coast, Cala Salada beach is a beautiful cove like a busy Benirras. People already parking before you get halfway down the long descent.

It consists of two beaches separated by rocks, into which have been built traditional fishermen’s boathouses that could only exist in the tideless Mediterranean.

The largest beach is accessible by road and at it’s southern end sits a beach bar and restaurant that, mid-summer, offers a sunset into the sea.

Cala SaladaThe smaller, more tranquilo northern beach is called Cala Saladita and offers late afternoon shade and a more alternative, remote feel.

A hundred yachts are moored up in the bay and Spanish families fill every table at the restaurant with animated conversation, gesticulation and mastication. The large kitchen can just accommodate the six chefs filling paella dishes the size of suburban circular baths.

Smells good, but you’d need to book early to get in on the Sunday action.

If your Spanish is good enough and you’re cheeky enough, you might befriend some serious local Spanish ‘movers and shakers’ at their most jovial?

Not accessible by public transport, but worth a visit by car if you’re one of those people born lucky when it comes to finding a parking spot.

Or bring the private yacht and pose whilst enjoying your Sunday out.

Tomorrow’s beach is it’s little sister beach, Cala Saladita

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