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Cala PadaCala PadaCala Pada is one of the finest beaches on the east coast of Ibiza.

A sheltered bay surrounded by pine trees and unspoilt ancient campo that has fortunately escaped the normal concrete “front line” development that afflicts most other once beautiful Mediterranean beaches.

The reason for this is that both the beach and the surrounding countryside have been in the ownership of a single foresighted family for over 200 years.

They built a finca at the edge of this beautiful natural beach and bay with traditional metre thick walls and ancient Sabina beams. It must have been paradise, and it still is…

Almost 30 years ago, with the advent of tourism, the family decided to share their paradise with the rest of the world, but on their own terms.

They opened a small and exclusive restaurant surrounded by natural pines and campo and thus a naturally enclosed terrace cooled by the “breeze from the sea” (Brisa de la Mar), that carries the scent of the surrounding pines and wild campo herbs intermingled with the smell of the sea itself.

Cala Pada It had long been an Ibicenco tradition that on Saturdays and Sundays families congregated around the island’s coastline for a picnic – very often a raucous barbecue. Impromptu picnic sites can be found all along almost any coastline hike, so the beach side restaurant was a hit – as somebody else did all the cooking!

It soon became well known for fresh fish caught locally and, naturally, for spectacular seafood paellas, alongside their many other traditional Spanish and Ibicenco dishes.

This is one of the reasons why this beach has such spectacular ferry connections during the summer. You can get from here to any other beach on the island that also has a ferry connection. The captains and crew of the ferries all choose to eat here.

So if you find that your ferry’s not running for three hours during siesta, at least you’ll know where the crew are and why?

Cala Pada You find the beach from the main road between Santa Eulalia and Es Canar by turning right immediately after the Cala Pada hotel, just before the turning to the Es Canar hippy market and S’Argamassa, then straight on for about a kilometre to the beach. There is a car park by the tennis courts.

The other, rather lovely, alternative is to walk there along the coast from either Santa Eulalia or Es Canar. The journey takes about an hour if you’re ambling along from either town, but normally longer if you have to stop to take in the spectacular views of the sea and cliffs.

Tomorrow is Cala Pinet

(who’s idea was it to put up a beach every day ? – it’ll be the 40 towns and villages next… in june… oh right, ok – the next series when this finally finishes will be the 40 towns and villages of ibiza)

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