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cala gracio Most people know that the main ibiza beaches in San Antonio are bursting at the seams in summer.
However, few are aware that just a short distance away from the tourist temple, there are quiet, sandy bays that offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy a day out at the beach.

One of these is Cala Gració. Although it is no more than two kilometres away from San Antonio town centre, the atmosphere here is relaxed and refined.

Cala Gracio

The sandy bay nestles among the craggy cliffs to the west of the island.

The beach is soft, well maintained and ideally suited to families. There is just one beach restaurant, “Sa Bresca”, which is owned by Vicente Ramón Costa where visitors can enjoy tasty snacks or fresh fish. It is a local fixture that has been here for the past 45 years. “In the past, townsfolk used to travel out to visit Cala Gració in their spare time,” the owner confides.

Cala GracioMany of them still come here today. So it’s no surprise that a peaceful atmosphere is a priority for people on Cala Gració.

How to get there: the bay is located just a couple of kilometres from the town centre.

Take the bypass towards Santa Agnes and watch out for the signpost on your left.

Tomorrow is its little sister beach Cala Gracioneta

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