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110 Ibiza Beaches – Calo Des Moro

April 29th, 2008

The new San Antonio promenade in Ibiza has now reached Calo Des Moro beach (aka Cala des Moro) and is set to continue on from here all the way to Cala Gracio.

This makes the walk from central San Antonio along the Sunset Strip even easier and quicker.

The downside of this is that there probably won’t be much room left on the sand by the time you arrive.

Cala des MoroHowever, if you don’t want to make lots of new friends by sharing their towel, you can content yourself with the many conventional tourist offerings (souvenir shops, pubs and hamburger stands) available just a short walk away.

Tomorrow’s Ibiza beach is Cap des Rubio in the north

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Zahara, Cala Llonga, Ibiza reopens on Friday

April 28th, 2008

The Zahara bar/restaurant by the beach in Cala Llonga has its official opening party this friday from 4pm. It’s changed hands this year but expect good food and a late night bar. It has a great big terrace and is opposite the beach.

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110 Ibiza Beaches – Calo de s’Oli

April 28th, 2008

Calo de s'Oli

Caló de s'OlíCalo de s’Oli is a sandy beach some 50 metres long lies between the coastal path and the sea.

It’s not a particularly attractive beach in itself being a bit on the stony side rather than the sandy alternative, which is why the focus tends to stray over to Kumharas.

This outdoor beach restaurant is easily distinguishable by the stone tower in its garden.

The ethnic atmosphere and alternative music make this venue a real contrast to anything else you’re likely to find in this part of the island.

Definitely worth a visit, if you fancy a break from the usual San Antonio bay chaos to chill out with a very respectable sunset vibe…

Tomorrows’ beach is Calo des Moro

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Tonights Ibiza Sunset Video 27-04-08

April 27th, 2008

Tonights ibiza sunset video:

Music is from Lenny Ibizarre from a special mix called “My Sunset April Mix” –

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110 Ibiza Beaches – Cala Xucla

April 27th, 2008

Cala XuclaIt’s rare to find a bay on Ibiza without a beach bar. Especially if it’s accessible by car.

Cala Xucla, in the north of the island, is one of these places. It has only a tiny chiringuito, which is open in July and August to serve visitors to this tiny bay surrounded by cliffs.

Carlos and his sister, Sara, have taken charge of the chiringuito, which their father first opened in 1980, and moved it from the left hand side of the beach to the right, where the view is better.

Cala Xucla The food on offer varies from ‘patatas & allioli’ at 3,50 euros to a selection of beautifully prepared fish.

Apart from this, this part of the coast is for self-catering visitors only. The main equipment you will need to bring with you: a picnic basket with refreshments, a hat to protect you from the sun and a snorkel.

Cala Xucla
A good book is also a useful accessory as a relaxing day at the beach is guaranteed. This is not a place for people who live for beach recliners and noisy beach bars.

Those who enjoy the unspoilt beauty of nature and strange cliff formations will be more than happy to do without these creature comforts, however.

The small beach with its coarse sand fills up quickly in the summer, and visitors will have to look further afield to the rockier areas. The ground may not be as soft, but you will have your privacy.

Cala Xucla: Take the Portinatx road and watch out for the signpost on the left just after the S’ Illot d’es Rencli bay. Watch your speed on the narrow road down to the beach!

Tomorrow is the little known beach of Calo de s’Oli, more famous for Kumharas

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Sol den Serra and KM5 openings tonight

April 25th, 2008


Summer is definitely here in Ibiza now – the weather has been gorgeous the past few days and the opening parties are coming in thick and fast…

We’ve got a busy night ahead with Sol den Serra, in Cala Llonga, grand summer opening – although it is a private party.

They’ve got a new chef and a load of decent champagne in especially – so that’ll be fun…

After that we’re off to KM5 for their summer opening party and also to meet up with our artist friend Lena Tancredi and her new exhibition there.


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110 Ibiza Beaches – Cala Xarraca

April 25th, 2008

Cala Xarraca
Cala Xarraca beach in the north is one of the few places on the island where you can still breathe easy and relax, even in July. Between oleander bushes and villas a narrow road leads down to the cove. The sandy beach is small but fabulous.

Rugged red cliffs, aquamarine waters – what more do you need in Ibiza?

The restaurant on Cala Xarraca beach has been run by the Tur family for more than 30 years.

Cala Xarraca

Fresh fish and typical Ibicencan rice dishes are the specialities. The rocky coastline makes Cala Xarraca an outstanding place to snorkel.

Cala Xarraca
To the west of the cove a narrow path runs parallel to the water and leads to the cliff lined coast off Illa d’en Calders.

Be sure to take the walk before or after your time on the beach.

To get there take the road to Portinatx and make a left at the sign to Cala Xarraca to get down to the beach.

Tomorrows’ beach is Cala Xucla

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Ibiza NOW Magazine May front cover

April 24th, 2008

The Ibiza NOW Magazine has been finished and went off to the printers.

Some highlights include a report of the Medieval Festival in Ibiza Town, a year on and the “motorways” are still not finished, restaurant news, one of the oldest fiesta’s on the island is celebrated on the first sunday in May and the latest news from the islands music scene… Out on May 1st…

ibiza now magazine

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110 Ibiza Beaches – Cala Vadella

April 24th, 2008

You can hear the cars creaking and groaning as they drive over the sandy track through Cala Vadella.

Speed freaks might complain about the lack of tarmac, but romantics are delighted to discover that the main road through a tourist attraction has retained so much old world charm.

Cala VadellaOne thing’s for sure when taking the dirt track along the beach: drivers will have to slow down to a crawl!
Adults and children will be pleased to hear that they will not have to fear for their lives every time they make their way to the bars, restaurants and shops close to the beach.

Cala Vadella must have been breathtakingly beautiful before people started building in the bay. The coast has a raw, natural charm and the surrounding bluffs are topped with pine trees.

Cala Vadella
Sadly, the original beauty has been marred somewhat by a couple of truly hideous buildings, for which the construction companies, architects and planning officials should be sent to live on the moon.

We have Mother Nature to thank for the fact that the bay has managed to retain its natural beauty and romantic atmosphere: craggy precipices, a white sandy beach and a sea shimmering with ever-changing shades of blue. Cala Vadella is perfect for families with children.

Cala Vadella: located on the island’s south-west coast. Can be reached by taking the coastal road from Cala Tarida, or via Sant Josep. Follow the signposts.

Tomorrows beach is Cala Xarraca

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110 Ibiza Beaches – Cala Tarida

April 23rd, 2008

cala tarida

This beautiful ibiza beach is almost 300 metres long and 40 wide.

In fact it’s huge and it needs to be because there are many summer visitors to the urbanization of Cala Tarida throughout the season.

There are two small islands joined to the sandy beach, which break it up into three sections and the slope into the sea is very gentle.

Cala TaridaCala Tarida
Numerous varieties of water sports are represented too, so there’s plenty for the kids to do.

At the back of the beach the many hotels, apartment blocks and restaurants ensure that there are ample entertainment options to complement the daytime sporty ones.

Tomorrow is Cala Vadella

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