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We’ve known Lenny for about 9 years or so now and it’s always a pleasure to catch up with the master of chill… He’s got tracks on more chill-out compilations than most of us have had hot dinners and has been resident at probably most of the venues on the island and continues to play & DJ all over the world. Cafe del Mar, Khumaras, Las Dalias (insert name…) and elsewhere like Japan, Israel, etc etc

Lenny, Co organiser of the DJ Awards At Pacha

After spending the early part of 00’s on Warner Music (licensing his Ibizarre Records label to them), he left after their takeover and culling of staff and he once again decided to go on his own.

He calls Can Chill his home where he also has his studios, near Benirras and he finally has a manager he’s comfortable with (and actually is also a nice bloke – Philipp).

Lenny is preparing a full weekend show on Sonica which will run throughout the summer and beyond and will cross the gamut of styles. One of the highlights is going to be the airing of a bootleg gig in instalments that was made here on ibiza by a very very worldwide famous artist.

Lenny with Mike from Manumission at Ibiza Rocks

Lenny’s always been busy remixing some famous artists & tracks (cf: The Doors etc) but there’s a couple he’s working on now, one of which you wouldn’t normally associate with chill out (think english alt rock band) and another one is a jazz remix “best of” of a pioneering american pianist and musician who shaped the sound of rhythm and blues…

If that wasn’t enough there’s more international DJ gigs, a best of Ibizarre, the new website (nearing completion), the ibizarre label will be doing more with 3 albums scheduled for the summer and a booking agency for just Lenny, Valentin Huedo (Cafe del Mar), Nima Gorji (Minimal House) and Orli&Martie (Progressive House).

There’s also his annual involvement with the DJ Awards and some new innovative local projects with the Consell and a big project here that will be very exciting when hopefully it comes off…

cheers lenny, most easily :)

and an excuse to repeat some of our favourite sunset vids from this year – We couldn’t decide on one favourite so we thought we’d just bung up the links again: (All use tracks from Lenny’s Ambient Collection series.)

21st March

9th March

14th Feb

8th Feb

4th Feb

1st feb

24th Jan

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