104 Ibiza Beaches – Agua Blanca

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Pine forests, almond trees anchored in red soil, steep rocky coast, hidden coves, crystalline waters – ibiza island’s northeast has managed to keep much of its countryside charm despite the boom in tourism.

One of the most popular beach along this stretch of ibiza coast is Aguas Blancas, the other official nude beach on the island, but it isn’t just the naturists who love the place.

You’ll see a whole lot of families with children, couples, individualists, yuppies, old hippies and bat and ball enthusiasts.

This long sandy beach and the rustic charm of the two beach bars give the place a certain ‘je nais sais quoi’. These two establishments are everything but chic and trendy. You don’t need starched white tablecloths and chinaware to have a good time.

Agua BlancasAguas Blancas is certainly no secret, which makes it all the more surprising that the beach has maintained its great atmosphere of relaxation and freedom.

The icing on the cake is the view – the island of Tagomago rises up like an oasis on the shimmering sea. If you want peace and quiet then walk along the beach heading north and find a more secluded spot.

To get there head from Sant Carlos towards Cala San Vicente, or take the serpentine stretch of road in the opposite direction from Cala San Vicente to Sant Carlos.

Then follow the signs to ‘Aigues Blanques’.

You can find all 104 ibiza beaches on a our google maps here at ibiza NOW magazine & IbizaA-Z.com

Tomorrow is Alla Dins – one that we doubt many people have heard of…

(we’ve found 3 more now to add in)

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