Upgrading your Ibiza telefonica line

March 7th, 2008 - 11:50 pm Posted in ibiza | Comments (2)

We were sat in our local bar this evening using our wfi hotspot we set up when we remembered the recent Telefonica adsl promotion. We could upgrade our 3mb line to 10mb for a paltry 5 euros extra a month. So we pulled up telefonica’s site, upgraded the line and got the confirmation email on our iphone whilst still sipping on a cold canya.

What telefonica didnt tell us was that 2 hours later our adsl line would suddenly go off while they upgraded. We made the call and it was “er youve upgraded, let me call the technico’s and find out when you’ll be back”.

So we’ve got out the 3g mobile modem and er thats how we’re doing this blog whilst waiting for the adsl to come back.

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2 Responses to “Upgrading your Ibiza telefonica line”

  1. gk Says:

    hey – can you put the link up for the telefonica site for the 10mb line – there site is so hard to find what you’re looking for (no suprise)!. Did you really only have to wait a few hours for them to connect and a day for them to drop round the router!!! sounds too good to be true.

  2. admin Says:

    about 10pm last night we went to http://www.telefonicaonline.com/on/ – the link is a big graphic on the top left ;)

    we already have an adsl so it was a simple case of choosing the 3mb to 10mb upgrade, putting our tel number and nif number in and about 5 minutes later we got the confirmation email. the problem then stemmed from us having a dodgy router – telefonica rang this morning to make sure we were in later – about 3pm i’d gone out to watch the footy but left a post-it with my moby number – the engineer rang me and i came back – he changed the router and bobs yer uncle, fanny’s yer aunt