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There’s a few things we’d like to blog about at the moment but we’re having to contain ourselves – so we thought we’d remind people about the main website which we’re very proud of… and there’s more to come…

We thought it was about the right time to show how far the site has developed using the google maps api and to show the various sections, options and features you can view throughout the site. The website runs off of one google map of the island with all the "information" coming from a database and displayed depending on which section you "click" on without having to constantly open separate "pages".

We’ve now got a little ace up our …. sleeve… but thats to come…

Please do investigate the main website here: or

As ever, click on the images for larger versions.

Use the navigation menu on the left for each section, relevant information appears underneath the map
You can now choose the new "Terrain" option
ibizaA-Z & ibizaA-Z & ibiza-NOW.comn


The menu above the map gives you numourous options to zoom in or out, to search the database or change the style of the map to normal, satellite, hyrid or the new terrain option. You can also show or hide the side bar which lists the markers on the map
The towns all have their own markers showing banks, phone boxes, etc and other local features . Clicking on a marker or its entry in the right hand side bar shows relevant information under the map
ibizaA-Z & ibizaA-Z & ibiza-NOW.comn


You can see exactly how the different municiplaties on the island are organised
Want to see exactly where organic shops and farms are and their descriptions?
ibizaA-Z & ibizaA-Z & ibiza-NOW.comn


For example, you can see an overview of where the libraries are on the island,
Or you can zoom in, change the map style and see exactly on a street map where your chosen library, shop, bank, or marker is
ibizaA-Z & ibizaA-Z & ibiza-NOW.comn


We have markers, photos & descriptions for all the beaches
Clicking on an image brings up a larger image overlayed on the page so you dont have to have popup windows or go to another page
ibizaA-Z & ibizaA-Z & ibiza-NOW.comn


We have an ever expanding photo and video gallery
Of course we also have a nightlife section, as well as activities, living, travel, art & culture, history, about ibiza etc
ibizaA-Z & ibizaA-Z & ibiza-NOW.comn


You can also book hotels and see exactly where they are
Want to take the coastline ferries and know when and how much ?
ibizaA-Z & ibizaA-Z & ibiza-NOW.comn


As this is a joint webste with Ibiza NOW magazine you can subscribe online for your own copy, delivered to your door
We are adding the front cover and contents pages for each months magazine as well as the monthly diary, classifieds ads. Articles from the magazine are added all the time – creating a vast archive.
ibizaA-Z & ibizaA-Z & ibiza-NOW.comn

Please do investigate the main website here: or

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    heh heh always good to have the ace up your sleeve ;)

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    all will be revealed next week – we’re looking forward to it