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San Juan, San Antonio & Santa Eulalia this afternoon released a press release regarding the new music council (and not Ibiza Town & San Jose). It seems they are not happy bunnies…. (it also confirms that the meeting was held with the 7 club owners)

(this is a google translation of the press release – our highlights in bold):

Given the turn of information ranging sucediéndose after the last Council of Mayors last 10th of January on the creation of the Council of Music and the meeting held two days after the President of the Council and representatives of all Municipalities with the owners of seven of our island leisure, we want to demonstrate the following:

1 The philosophy of the Consell de la Musique has always been to unify the schedules and other regulations through the bylaws, eradicating illegal tender, “after hours” and the image of party continued unchecked. These are the only aspects accepted and agreed by the Council of Mayors.

2 The relaxation of the regulations, the involvement of clubs, some in promoting tourism with public money and publicize the Ibiza “sun disc,” which so far has been inclusive of marketing in other markets, have been initiatives by the Chairman of the Island Council and that we do not share in the terms in which they were published.

3 We have always defended and maintained that music is a very important asset for tourism in our island that we can not in any way disparage or wasted, but we believe that public money should not be allocated to this promotion focused only about “disco phenomenon “, which can not intervene in it only seven night or just one sector, and that any initiative must be from strict compliance with the law (ordinances consensual) by establishments engaged in this activity.

4 The law of integrated activities has given more powers to the municipalities in this area, which along with the consensus on the ordinance, has advanced the control of irregularities and illegalities occurring.

Therefore, we share the importance of music as a promotional item and the need to position Ibiza as a benchmark, but we are not prepared to reverse the steps you have taken and the agreements that must be taken first and foremost respect tranquillity, Rest, health and welfare of citizens, residents and visitors.

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