Consell de la Musica/ Music Council Of Ibiza

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UPDATE 14/01/08: Since that Independent article by a writer in Barcelona erroneously quoted the “ban” times by San Jose council, hundreds of websites and message boards have been quoting it – its not 6am to 10am – its 6am to 12 noon and in reality only affects DC10 & Space – and even then numbers during those times are minimal considering the numbers overall. This is an edict from Madrid, part of the national governments plans for the whole of Spain.

The first meeting of the new Music Council of Ibiza took place yesterday in the Consell. The committee has been formed to promote music and nightlife in Ibiza to the rest of the world. One initial concern is that they have performed a u-turn on the fact that in the Tourism Marketing plan “No public funds should be earmarked for specfic promotiona actvities of this segment [nightclubs]”.

music_council.JPGAccording to the chairman of the council, Xico Tarres, “this is not a contradiction because it is a change and evolution since all things are subject to change.” “We want Eivissa to remain number one of the world in terms of music, which can not continue without being aware of what can happen because we treat it badly.”

Tarrés added “that the efforts will be reciprocal, as the clubs could agree to open earlier and later in the season for at least a year “to see if it is possible to lengthen the season.”

Unsurpringly The President of the Federation of Spanish nightclubs Pere Vidal, said he was “very satisfied” after the meeting. However one island musician tried unsuccesfully to attend the meeting and said that “musicians have not had any say over the years and everything indicates that the (council) will be a forum for nightclub owners, who are already rich and now will have a share of the money promoting tourism”.

The council though did state there will be further meetings with bars, promoters and resident musicians.

Maybe they’ve finally realised that all the negative press thats been generated over the course of 2007 has come back to bite them and they need to start sorting out their pr. department…

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