Ibiza grows a mountain

October 25th, 2007 - 3:05 pm Posted in catherine zeta-jones, elizabeth arden, ibiza | Comments (18)

Thanks to Nick for pointing this out on his blog. See if you can spot the difference!!

This is the port as we saw it the other day:


This is the port as seen in the latest elizabeth arden advert that catherine zeta-jones is appearing in:


UPDATE 25/10: Popbitch kindly linked to this blog in todays (25/10/07) weekly mail out and our stats went through the roof – we’ve been a regular reader from the days when we used to work in london many moons ago – so we feel it incumbant that we do some more stuff like this…

btw, if you want to make sarcy comments feel free (in fact we like sarcasm) – but we reserve the right to edit pathetic 10 year old kiddie playground comments…. and make you look stupid… and while we dont want to start having to approve comments we may – or we may just put the ip addresses out under the posters comment :)

For doubters of the legitamacy of the elizabeth arden advert why not look at their website: (do a whois.sc if you think its fake)

the website for the perfume and THAT ad we just think its funny – and worrying that a couple who have a place in mallorca and a guy who doesnt like ibiza would be happy to put their face to something that all their neighbours would mock….

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18 Responses to “Ibiza grows a mountain”

  1. guy Says:

    Is it just me, or are there 2 mountains in that picture?

  2. Kirk Douglas Says:

    I heard She loves it in cornwall

  3. Michael Douglas Says:

    Its true

  4. John Leslie Says:

    and lunch with pasties

  5. Pop Larkin Says:

    Oi! Thats moi daughter you is talkin’ aboot!

  6. Mick Hucknall Says:

    Yep, with me paying the tab.

  7. Phil Says:

    To be honest there COULD be a mountain behind the port since the photos are taking from two very different angles.

    Pretty unlikely tho..

    Just saying..

  8. admin Says:

    Phil, i dont know how to put this without sounding condecending but there is NO chance of ANY mountain being behind ibiza port and dalt vila regardless of whatever angle you choose to take the photo from

    its not even an issue… :)

    look at the photos again – they are both taken from pretty much the same angle which is at the port end of botafoch marina

    fer f888ks sake we live here – we know what the port looks like and the surrounding area :)

    dalt vila – which is the cathedral and the fortifications at the top are – at the top – you can see pretty much the top of dalt vila from 360 degrees… there is NO mountain or even silly little green hill anywhere near :)

  9. Beachhutman Says:

    I don’t live there; blew in from Popbitch. I would point out however that you don’t spell “causes” as “coases”, not even in adverts. Not even if you are showing ms Zorro. So, is it a crude spoof?

  10. admin Says:

    the ad actually says “coaxes” not that that makes it any more sane…. ;)

    and no its not a spoof


  11. The real pop larkin Says:

    maybe you should check out the GENUINE arden website at http://www.elizabetharden.com


    It’s a spoof, get over it.

  12. admin Says:

    i wouldve thought that being surrounded by thousands of journalists you’d do your homework ;)


    get over it ;)

  13. William Russell Says:

    Never mind the mountain, admire what Ms Arden’s lot have done for her skin – for proof see her latest movie where the skin damage is glaringly apparent. More vaseline on the lens in future.

  14. Kathryn Says:

    Looks like 3 mountains to me!

  15. mikemystery Says:

    The mountain’s half the age of the husband. Fact.

  16. Dennis Waterman Says:

    Ibiza is full of slags and Catherine is just another one to add to the list.

  17. admin Says:

    thank you dennis for your insight – i’m sure if we were to have a sweeping generic statement of the town you lived in you’d say the same thing :)

  18. smurfette Says:

    Really she should be advertising a nice welsh perfume that smells of leeks and charlotte church’s breath.